How to Train Your Animals

Guide to a well-behaved parrot

Mattie Sue Athan ; illustrations by Michele Earle-Bridges.


This expanded new edition of a popular parrot-training book explains parrot psychology and discusses the ways in which parrot owners can apply it to solve behavior problems. The author cites the most common problems?screaming, biting, and feather-chewing?and tells how to remedy them. She also stresses the need for periodic reinforcement of desirable parrot behavior traits and advises on many aspects of good parrot care, including proper nutrition...

Imagine life with a well-behaved dog : a 3-step positive dog-training program

Julie A. Bjelland.


A comprehensive dog training program that offers the added benefit of one-on-one online advice from the author Do you consider your dog part of the family? Most dog guardians do. But just like children, dogs need structure. Structure to show him that he shouldnâ??t jump on every person who enters your house, or urinate indoors, or drag you down the road when you walk him. In Imagine Life with a Well-Behaved Dog, Julie Bjelland offers all th...

You can train your cat : secrets of a master cat trainer

Gregory Popovich.


Since the beginning of time, cats have convinced the world that they are untrainable so they can do whatever they wantâ?¦but those days are over! Gregory Popovich is a professional cat trainer whoâ??s trained cats to perform amazing circus-style tricks for television and stage, and heâ??s about to reveal his most closely guarded secrets so cat lovers everywhere can put an end to the most common problems: Stop bad litter b...

4-H guide to training horses

Nathan Bowers and Katie Bowers Reiff.


Training a horse is one of the biggest challenges a 4-Hrsquo;r (or any animal lover, for that matter) can take on, and one of the most rewarding.nbsp; This step-by-step illustrated guide offers the first-time horse trainer straightforward instructions for getting started with a foal, a yearling, or an older horse.nbsp; With expert advice on safety and equine care, the guide covers the basics of establishing trust and authority, training with a bi...

Parrot tricks : teaching parrots with positive reinforcement

Tani Robar and Diane Grindol.


KEEP YOUR PARROT STIMULATED AND ACTIVE, AND HE WILL KEEP YOU ENTERTAINED! By nature, parrots are inquisitive, intelligent, and social animals. You can capitalize on these characteristics and obedience train your bird, teaching him behaviors that will make your life and his more enjoyable--behaviors such as stepping on your hand or wrist on command, and going to a designated perch. Then you can progress to teach him all kinds of tricks. He'll love...

Training the hard-to-train dog

Peggy Swager.


Are you the parent of a belligerent dog, or one who resists your every effort to modify his problem behavior? Training the Hard-to-Train Dog takes a practical approach to the subject of dog training with step-by-step ?power training? techniques that teach you how to be a firm yet fair leader to your dog. This expertly written guide describes how to build on basic training techniques to regain control of a dog and help solve problem behaviors like...

Birds off the perch : therapy and training for your pet bird

Larry Lachman, Diane Grindol, Frank Kocher.


You love your pet bird, even when he misbehaves, but how can you train him with compassion?Birds off the Perchproves that rewarding good behavior is kinder and more effective than traditional discipline through punishment. This revolutionary approach combines the expertise of an animal behaviorist, a companion parrot consultant and a veterinarian who use "family therapy techniques" -- such as learning to respect the bird's boundaries and viewing ...

The trick is in the training

Stephanie J. Taunton and Cheryl S. Smith.


Canine â??tricksâ? are showy extensions of a dogâ??s natural behavior. Training dogs to perform tricks enhances the bond between pet and owner and adds to playtime fun. This updated book shows dog owners in words and pictures how to train their pet to perform both simple and complicated tricks. After reviewing four basic commandsâ??sit, down, stand, and stayâ??the book instructs on progressing to behaviors such as ...

Understanding cats : their history, nature, and behavior

Roger Tabor.


One of the world's leading cat authorities presents a full-scale, fascinating portrait of felines, from their origins in the wild to their accommodations to domestic life, and offers invaluable insights into their behavior. Over 150 beautiful, full-color photos capture the alluring mystery and irresistible appeal of all kinds of cats.

The dog whisperer

Paul Owens ; with Norma Eckroate.


In this updated edition, Paul Owens and Norma Eckroate offer more in-depth training with additional notes, tips, and problem-solving to make training even easier! In addition to the bestselling nonviolent training features that made the prior edition a classic, this second edition includes: Updated material on the power of non-force training, Information on the newest, most effective gear for all levels of training, A new tricks section that will...