Ancient Greece

The sand-reckoner

Gillian Bradshaw.

Historical Fiction

The young scholar Archimedes has just had the best three years of his life at Ptolemy's Museum at Alexandria. To be able to talk and think all day, every day, sharing ideas and information with the world's greatest minds, is heaven to Archimedes. But heaven must be forsaken when he learns that his father is ailing, and his home city of Syracuse is at war with the Romans. Reluctant but resigned, Archimedes takes himself home to find a job building...

Sappho's leap : a novel

by Erica Jong.

Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

Always our keenest-eyed chronicler of the wonders and vagaries of sex and love, Jong has found the perfect subject for a witty and sensuous tale of a passionate woman ahead of her time.


David Malouf.

Action/Adventure, Military Fiction, Historical Fiction

In his first novel in more than a decade, David Malouf-arguably Australiarsquo;s greatest living writer-gives us a stirring reimagination of one of the most famous passages in all of literature: Achillesrsquo; rageful slaughter and desecration of Hector, and Priamrsquo;s attempt to ransom his sonrsquo;s body in Homerrsquo;sThe Iliad.   A moving novel of suffering, sorrow and redemption,Ransomtells the story of the relationship between two gr...

Latro in the mist

Gene Wolfe.

Science Fiction, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Historical Fiction

A distinguished compilation of two classic fantasy novels,Soldier of the MistandSoldier of Areteacute;, in one volume This omnibus of two acclaimed novels is the story of Latro, a Roman mercenary who while fighting in Greece received a head injury that deprived him of his short-term memory but gave him in return the ability to see and converse with the supernatural creatures and the gods and goddesses, who invisibly inhabit the ancient landscape....

Stealing Athena : a novel

by Karen Essex.

Historical Fiction, Romance

Rich in romance and intrigue, greed and glory, "Stealing Athena" is an enthralling work of historical fiction and a window into the intimate lives of some of history's most influential and fascinating women.

The return from Troy

Lindsay Clarke.

Action/Adventure, Historical Fiction

In this sequel tonbsp;The War at Troy,nbsp;the trademarknbsp;lyricism, lucidity, and mythic power is present in this novel that offers a timely interpretation of one of the world's great stories. After ten years of war, Troy has fallen, yet the gods have turned against the victorious Argives—and their ordeals have only just begun. Agamemnon sails back to Mycenae, where Clytaemnestra has nursed a vengeful fury over his sacrifice of their dau...

Ancient Greece : a history in eleven cities

Paul Cartledge.

Arts, History, Nonfiction, Politics

The contribution of the ancient Greeks to modern western culture is incalculable. In the worlds of art, architecture, myth, literature, and philosophy, the world we live in would be unrecognizable without the formative influence of ancient Greek models. This highly original and stimulating introduction to ancient Greece takes the city as its starting point, revealing just how central the polis ("city-state" or "citizen-state") was to Hellenistic ...

Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C. : a historical biography

Peter Green.

Biography, History, Nonfiction, Politics

Until recently, popular biographers and most scholars viewed Alexander the Great as a genius with a plan, a romantic figure pursuing his vision of a united world. His dream was at times characterized as a benevolent interest in the brotherhood of man, sometimes as a brute interest in the exercise of power. Green, a Cambridge-trained classicist who is also a novelist, portrays Alexander as both a complex personality and a single-minded general, a ...

The Athenian trireme the history and reconstruction of an ancient Greek warship

J. S. Morrison ; J. F. Coates

Science/Technology, History, Nonfiction

The trizeme was the warship which brought Athens preeminence in Greek waters in the fifth and fourth centuries BC. The exact structure of the trireine has puzzled scholars through the centuries and various attempts have been made to reconstruct the ship. John Morrison, a classical scholar, and John Coates, a naval architect, have perfected a design which they believe fulfils the essential structural requirements as these emerge from a study both ...

Tides of war : a novel of Alcibiades and the Peloponnesian War

Steven Pressfield.

Action/Adventure, Historical Fiction

In Tides of War, Steven Pressfield brings the historical precision and heartbreaking human scale that made his previous novel Gates of Fire an international bestseller to an even more epic saga of Greek strife and conflict. One man. Two armies. The fate of the ancient world in the balance. If history is the biography of extraordinary men, the life of Alcibiades (451-404 B.C.) comprises an indispensable chapter in the chronicle of the Western worl...

The Peloponnesian War : Athens, Sparta and the struggle for Greece

Nigel Bagnall.

History, Nonfiction, Politics

Having spent most of his life in the British Army, Bagnell (1927-2002) portrays the 431-404 BC war not as a single chronology, but as a series of campaigns, each of which he describes sequentially and in its entirety, though he does occasionally mention important events taking place simultaneously in other theaters when it helps explain the context. He completed this companion to his The Punic Wars two months before he died unexpectedly. Annotati...

The Republic of Plato

translated with notes and an interpretive essay by Allan Bloom.

Nonfiction, Politics

Long regarded as the most accurate rendering ofPlato’s Republicthat has yet been published, this widely acclaimed work is the first strictly literal translation of a timeless classic. This second edition includes a new introduction by Professor Bloom, whose careful translation and interpretation ofThe Republicwas first published in 1968. In addition to the corrected text itself there is also a rich and valuable essay—as well as indexe...

The Odyssey

Homer ; translated by Robert Fagles ; introduction and notes by Bernard Knox.


s A show stopper--a classic work: the edition translated by A.T. Murray that is cited in BCL3 (this revision is by by George E. Dimock). This set is in the handy, even cuddly, standard Loeb...Library format (4.5 x 6.5"). The facing Greek and English text is crisply printed on soothing off-white paper, and Smythe-sewn. Blurbed as if it were a pulp novel, the promotional copy reads: beautiful nymph...wily Circe...beguiling sirens...faithful wife. N...


Sophocles ; translated by H.D.F. Kitto ; edited with an introduction and notes by Edith Hall.

This volume contains three masterpieces by the Greek playwright Sophocles, widely regarded since antiquity as the greatest of all the tragic poets. The vivid translations, which combine elegance and modernity, are remarkable for their lucidity and accuracy, and are equally suitable for reading for pleasure, study, or theatrical performance. The selection of Antigone, Oedipus the King, and Electra not only offers the reader the most influential an...


Homer. Transl. by Stanley Lombardo


Epic masterpiece chronicles last days of Trojan War - quarrel of Achilles and Agamemnon, siege of Troy, death of Hector, Trojan Horse, many other incidents and events. Celebrated Samuel Butler prose translation.