War Stories

Purple Heart

by Patricia McCormick.

Military Fiction

When Private Matt Duffy wakes up in an army hospital, he's haunted by an image of a young Iraqi boy as a bullet hits his chest. Matt can't shake the feeling that he is somehow involved in the boy's death, but because of his own head injury, he struggles to put all the pieces together.

Sunrise over Fallujah

Walter Dean Myers.

Military Fiction

Operation Iraqi Freedom, that's the code name. But the young men and women in the military's Civil Affairs Battalion have a simpler name for it: WAR.In this new novel, Walter Dean Myers looks at a contemporary war with the same power and searing insight he brought to the Vietnam war of his classic, FALLEN ANGELS. He creates memorable characters like the book's narrator, Birdy, a young recruit from Harlem who's questioning why he even enlisted; Ma...

Private Peaceful

Michael Morpurgo.

Military Fiction

As the enemy lurks in the darkness, Thomas struggles to stay awake through the night. He has lived through the terror of gas attacks and watched friends die by his side. But in the morning, Thomas will be forced to confront an even greater horror. As the minutes tick by, Thomas remembers his childhood spent deep in the countryside with his mother, his brothers, and Molly, the love of his life. But each minute that passes brings Thomas closer to s...

Eyes of the emperor

Graham Salisbury.

Historical Fiction, Military Fiction

Eddy Okubo lies about his age and joins the army in his hometown of Honolulu only weeks before the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Suddenly Americans see him as the enemy--even the U.S. Army doubts the loyalty of Japanese American soldiers. Then the army sends Eddy and a small band of Japanese American soldiers on a secret mission to a small island off the coast of Mississippi. Here they are given a special job, one that only they can do. Eddy's goin...

Code Talker : a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two

Joseph Bruchac.

Historical Fiction, Military Fiction

Throughout World War II, in the conflict fought against Japan, Navajo code talkers were a crucial part of the U.S. effort, sending messages back and forth in an unbreakable code that used their native language. They braved some of the heaviest fighting of the war, and with their code, they saved countless American lives. Yet their story remained classified for more than twenty years. But now Joseph Bruchac brings their stories to life for young a...

Soldier boys

Dean Hughes.

Historical Fiction, Military Fiction

Spencer Morgan And Dieter Hedrick Are On Opposite Sides Of The War And Fighting For The Same Thing.At the age of fifteen, Dieter's blind devotion gets him promoted from Hitler Youth into the German army. Dieter's determined to prove his allegiance and bravery all costs.Spence, just sixteen, drops out of his Utah high school to begin training as a paratrooper. He's seen how boys who weren't much in high school can come home heroes, and Spence want...

All the broken pieces : a novel in verse

by Ann E. Burg.

Military Fiction, Historical Fiction

Two years after being airlifted out of war-tornVietnam, Matt Pin is haunted: by bombs that fell likedead crows, by smoke and death, by the brother?andthe terrible secret?he left behind. Now in a lovingadoptive home in the United States, over the courseof a baseball season, a series of profound eventsforces him to confront his past, and slowly, sometimespainfully, heal.By turns harrowing, dreamlike, sad, and triumphant,this searing novel in verse ...

Ghosts of war : the true story of a 19-year-old GI

Ryan Smithson.

Biography, Nonfiction

In a harrowing memoir about combat, friendship, fear, and a soldier's commitment to his country, Smithson brings readers inside a world that few understand, as he describes his experience as a 19-year-old Army engineer in Iraq.

The brothers' war : Civil War voices in verse

by J. Patrick Lewis ; including photographs by Civil War photographers.


"So bravely, our mission can not be futile My hope for our children is a lasting peace, Though that must seem odd in the midst of a brutal War. Can the seemingly unceasing cease?" â?"Excerpt from Brothers' War The wonderful wordplay of J. Patrick Lewis breathes new life into the speeches of Lincoln, the letters of Grant and Lee, and the moving human drama of our country's Civil War. Lewis' poignant poetry gives young readers a vivid insight...

Red moon at Sharpsburg : a novel

by Rosemary Wells.

Historical Fiction

Award-winning author Rosemary Wells lays bare the senseless devastation of war in this stunning novel. As the Civil War breaks out, India, a young Southern girl, summons her sharp intelligence and the courage she didn#x19;t know she had to survive the war that threatens to destroy her family, her Virginia home, and the only life she has ever known. A timeless heroine of inspiring drive and bravery, India holds on to her dream of forging a career ...