New Resources for Military Families and Veterans

Married to the military : a survival guide for military wives, girlfriends, and women in uniform

Meredith Leyva.


The Unofficial Scoop on Military Life

Whether you're dating, engaged, or married to an active military servicemember or reservist -- or you've just signed up yourself -- you may feel as if you've somehow married the United States military! While there are plenty of orientation books for him, there are almost no handy, user-friendly resources for you. Meredith Leyva, a military wife and founder of, the Internet's largest community f...

God strong : the military wife's spiritual survival guide

Sara Horn.


As a military wife, caring for home and family is a mission that never stops. As someone who has been through this herself, Horn shares encouraging spiritual insights that women don't have to be an army of one when they are "God Strong."

Courage after fire

Keith Armstrong, Suzanne Best and Paula Domenici.


The bravery displayed by our soldiers at war is commonly recognized. However, often forgotten is the courage required by veterans when they return home and suddenly face reintegration into their families, workplaces, and communities. Authored by three mental health professionals with many years of experience counseling veterans, "Courage After Fire" provides strategies and techniques for this challenging journey home.
"Courage After Fire" offers ...

Combat-related traumatic brain injury and PTSD : a resource and recovery guide

Cheryl Lawhorne and Don Philpott.

Health/Fitness, Nonfiction

As more veterans return from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, more are needing care for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and combat-related traumatic brain injuries (TBI). While there are several treatment and recovery options, outlets for support, and other resources, understanding and gaining access to them is often difficult or confusing. In Combat-Related Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD: A Resource and Recovery Guide, authors Cheryl ...

Once a warrior, always a warrior : navigating the transition from combat to home--including combat stress, PTSD, and mTBI

Charles W. Hoge.



The essential handbook for anyone who has ever returned from a war zone, and their spouse, partner, or family members.


Being back home can be as difficult, if not more so, than the time spent serving in a combat zone. It’s with this truth that Colonel Charles W. Hoge, MD, a leading advocate for eliminating the stigma of mental health care, presentsOnce a Warrior—Always a Warrior,a groundbreaking resource with e...

Faith deployed : daily encouragement for military wives

Jocelyn Green.


If your spouse, or someone you know, has been deployed recently, the stress of that situation will resonate with you. Jocelyn Green speaks directly to the wives of deployed seamen, marines, airmen, and soldiers, via the experiences of their spouses.

This book is not a #x1C;ten easy steps#x1D; for a painless life, instead, it is a collection of devotions that squarely addresses the challenges wives face when their husbands are away protecting f...

Chicken soup for the military wife's soul : 101 stories to touch the heart and rekindle the spirit

[compiled by] Jack Canfield ... [et al.].

Military Fiction, Nonfiction

A tribute to the women who uphold the written and unwritten oaths of service and of marriage.

All military personnel swear an oath to uphold the constitution and protect our country, while their spouses takes the unwritten oath to live a life of frequent moving, lengthy separations and endless anxieties. Their commitment requires a unique blend of patriotism, dedication, hard work and, most of all, flexibility.

The stories in Chicken Soup for t...

Separated by duty, united in love : a guide to long-distance relationships for military couples

Shellie Vandevoorde.


Addressing head-on the challenges of long-distance relationships with frank, practical advice and anecdotes, this work specifically targets military couples and includes the answers and resources they need to meet the greatest challenge any relationship can face.

Army wives : the unwritten code of military marriage

Tanya Biank.


Army Wives goes beyond the sound bites and photo ops of military life to bring readers into the hearts and homes of today's military wives.
Biank tells the story of four typical Army wives who, in a flash, find themselves in extraordinary circumstances that ultimately force them to redefine who they are as women and wives. This is a true story about what happened when real life collided with army convention.
Army Wives is a groundbrea...

Confessions of a military wife

Mollie Gross.

Biography, Nonfiction

""I remember when I hit rock bottom. There I was with no make-up on, hadn't showered, eating raw cookie dough out of the tube, hitting on the toothless bagger at the commissary, and ordering jewelry off the TV. And that was just my first day!"Confessions of a Military Wife is an honest, witty, and often hilarious look at the life of the new generation military wife. Mollie Gross learned the hard way to laugh instead of cry at what she could not c...

After the war zone : a practical guide for returning troops and their families

Laurie B. Slone and Matthew J. Friedman.


Two experts from the VA National Center for PTSD provide an essential resource for service members, their spouses, families, and communities, sharing what troops really experience during deployment and back home. Pinpointing the most common after-effects of war and offering strategies for troop reintegration to daily life, Drs. Friedman and Slone cover the myths and realities of homecoming; reconnecting with spouse and family; anger and adrenalin...

The military marriage manual : tactics for successful relationships

Janelle Hill, Cheryl Lawhorne, and Don Philpott.


At a time when divorce and suicide rates are at record levels in the military, The Military Marriage Manual: Tactics for Successful Relationships is an invaluable aid to members of the military and their spouses and families. The book presents advice for couples on a range of issues, both extraordinary and mundane, both those specific to military marriages and those common to all marriages, such as: -the ceremony -relationships with friends and f...

Special needs families in the military : a resource guide

Janelle Hill and Don Philpott.


The saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' is especially true for families with special needs children. It takes an 'army' of therapists, doctors, nurses, counselors, and educators. Special needs families in the military often find the task even more daunting, compounded by the unique circumstances of military life today. Even though the challenges are often greater, there are many helpful resources for families in the military who are rais...