Kilo class

Patrick Robinson.


In this thrilling sequel to the national bestseller Nimitz Class (more than 75,000 hardcover copies sold), the United States must stop Russia from delivering ten state-of-the-art Kilo class submarines to China, which is threatening both Taiwan's sovereignty and America's vital trade routes. Patrick Robinson Exploded Onto the National Bestseller lists with his riveting naval thriller Nimitz Class. With Kilo Class, he's set to stake his claim to th...

Red Station

Adrian Magson.


First in the brand-new Harry Tate thriller series - Having been made the scapegoat for a botched drugs intercept operation, MI5 officer Harry Tate is dispatched to 'Red Station', a remote outpost in the Balkans, ostensibly to avoid press scrutiny, but where in effect the security services send 'problem' agents they'd like to be rid of. But the outpost is thrust into the international spotlight when troops begin massing in the area; and, as the si...

Bloodmoney : a novel

David Ignatius.


Someone in Pakistan is killing the members of a new CIA intelligence unit that is trying to buy peace with America's enemies. It falls to Sophie Marx, a young CIA officer with a big chip on her shoulder, to figure out who's doing the killing and why. Her starting point is Alphabet Capital, the London hedge fund that has been providing cover for this secret operation, but the investigation soon widens to include the capitals of the Middle East and...

Los Alamos : a novel

by Joseph Kanon.

Historical Fiction, Thriller

Spring 1945.  As work on the first atomic bomb nears completion on a remote mesa in New Mexico, Karl Bruner, a Manhattan Project security officer, is found murdered in nearby Santa Fe.  Is Bruner the victim of a violent sexual encounter, as the local police believe, or is his death a crime that threatens to jeopardize the secret of the Project itself?  This is the mainspring of Joseph Kanon'sLos Alamos, a supremely original and romantic new...

The Trinity Six

Charles Cumming.


A Washington Post Notable Fiction Book for 2011 The most closely-guarded secret of the Cold War is about to be exposed - the identity of a SIXTH member of the infamous Cambridge spy ring. And people are killing for it... London, 1992. Late one night, Edward Crane, 76, is declared dead at a London hospital. An obituary describes him only as a 'resourceful career diplomat'. But Crane was much more than that - and the circumstances surrounding his d...

Tiger trap : America's secret spy war with China

David Wise.

Nonfiction, History

In the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union, little attention was paid to the espionage operations of China as a rising world power. In a narrative as riveting and sex scandal-ridden as any spy thriller, Wise (Spy: The Inside Story of How the FBI's Robert Hanssen Betrayed America) relates the inside story of how Chinese intelligence stole secrets about America's weapons systems. In an update, he discusses the cyberattacks that prompted Google...

Washington's spies : the story of America's first spy ring

Alexander Rose.

History, Nonfiction

Based on remarkable new research, acclaimed historian Alexander Rose brings to life the true story of the spy ring that helped America win the Revolutionary War. For the first time, Rose takes us beyond the battlefront and deep into the shadowy underworld of double agents and triple crosses, covert operations and code breaking, and unmasks the courageous, flawed men who inhabited this wilderness of mirrors--including the spymaster at the heart of...

The secret sentry : the untold history of the National Security Agency

Matthew M. Aid.

Nonfiction, History

In the first complete history of the National Security Agency, America's most powerful and secretive intelligence organization. In February 2006, while researching this book, Matthew Aid uncovered a massive and secret document reclassification program--a revelation that made the front page of the New York Times . This was only one of the discoveries Aid has made during two decades of research in formerly top-secret documents. In The Secret Sentry...