Preservation and Conservation (Fiction)

Homicide in hardcover

Kate Carlisle.


murder is always a bestseller... first in the new bibliophile mystery series! The streets of San Francisco would be lined with hardcovers if rare book expert Brooklyn Wainwright had her way. And her mentor wouldn't be lying in a pool of his own blood on the eve of a celebration for his latest book restoration. With his final breath he leaves Brooklyn a cryptic message, and gives her a priceless'and supposedly cursed'copy of Goethe's Faust for saf...

People of the book : a novel

Geraldine Brooks.

Multicultural Fiction, Literary Fiction

"In 1996, a rare book expert is offered the job of a lifetime: analysis and conservation of a mysterious, beautifully illuminated Hebrew manuscript created in fifteenth-century Spain and recently saved from destruction during the shelling of Sarajevo's libraries. When Hanna Heath, a caustic Aussie loner with a passion for her work, discovers a series of tiny artifacts in the book's ancient binding - an insect-wing fragment, wine stains, salt crys...

The Bone Vault.

Linda Fairstein.

Thriller, Mystery

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exquisite Temple of Dendur, a controversial new exhibit is fiercely opposed by many among the upper echelon of museum donors. Alex Cooper steps into this highly charged ring of power players only to make a much more troubling discovery -- a young museum researcher has been murdered, her body shipped to the Met in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. Together with cops Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace, Alex must pene...

Waking Raphael

Leslie Forbes.

Mystery, Arts

The restoration of an enigmatic painting unlocks unspeakable secrets and drives a mute woman to commit a shocking act of violence--which sparks an investigation into a nearly forgotten war crime and a series of events that will shatter the silence gripping this community.


Cornelia Funke ; translated from the German by Anthea Bell.


From the author of the sensational New York Times best-seller THE THIEF LORD comes a thrilling new adventure about magic and self-discovery. Cornelia Funke, the enormously talented author of the international best-seller THE THIEF LORD, brings readers another spellbinding tale of adventure and magic. Meggie lives a quiet life alone with her father, a book-binder. But her father has a deep secret-- he posseses an extraordinary magical power. One d...

The grand complication

Allen Kurzweil.

Literary Fiction, Mystery

Critically acclaimed for his international bestseller, "A Case of Curiosities," Kurzweil presents "The Grand Complication"--a modern-day tale of literary intrigue, deviant passions, and delicious secrets.

Anil's ghost

Michael Ondaatje.

Literary Fiction

With his first novel since the internationally acclaimedThe English Patient, Michael Ondaatje gives us a work displaying all the richness of imagery and language and the piercing emotional truth that we have come to know as the hallmarks of his writing. The time is our own time. The place is Sri Lanka, the island nation formerly known as Ceylon, off the southern tip of India, a country steeped in centuries of cultural achievement and tradition--a...

The ape who guards the balance : an Amelia Peabody mystery

Elizabeth Peters.

Mystery, Historical Fiction

All hail the jubilant return of the redoubtable Amelia Peabody! Together with her sexy yet irascible husband, Radcliffe Emerson; their handsome but wily heir, Ramses; Ramses' inscrutably elegant friend David; and the elder Emersons' ward: beautiful, trouble-seeking Nefret Forth -- Edwardian Egypt may never be the same. The 1907 archaeological season in Egypt holds little promise for Amelia Peabody. But when an extraordinary papyrus of the Book of...

The dying animal

Philip Roth.

Literary Fiction

David Kepesh is an eminent cultural critic and star lecturer at a New York college-as well as an articulate propagandist of the sexual revolution. For years he has made a practice of sleeping with adventurous female students while maintaining an aesthete's critical distance. But now that distance has been annihilated. When he becomes involved with Consuela Castillo, the humblingly beautiful daughter of Cuban exiles, Kepesh finds himself dragged h...

Family history : a novel

Dani Shapiro.

Literary Fiction

From the author of the best-selling memoir Slow Motion (ââ?¬Å?Chilling . . . her vision is unblinkingââ?¬¥Ã¢â?¬"New York Times Book Review; ââ?¬Å?Riveting . . . a breathtaking combination of candor and bravadoââ?¬¥Ã¢â?¬"San Francisco Chronicle), a ferociously paced new novel about a woman losing control of her life, her marriage, and her kids, and discovering that you can do everything right and still find the worl...

Miss Garnet's angel

Salley Vickers.


Stories magically unfold within this novel's irresistible tale of Miss Julia Garnet, a schoolteacher who decides, after the death of her longtime friend Harriet, to take an apartment for six months in Venice. Soon overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the city and its magnificent art, Miss Garnet's English reserve begins to melt away. For the first time in her life she falls in love-with an art dealer named Carlo-and her once ordinary world is furth...

A month in the country

J.L. Carr ; introduction by Michael Holroyd.

Literary Fiction

In J. L. Carr's deeply charged poetic novel, Tom Birkin, a veteran of the Great War and a broken marriage, arrives in the remote Yorkshire village of Oxgodby where he is to restore a recently discovered medieval mural in the local church. Living in the bell tower, surrounded by the resplendent countryside of high summer, and laboring each day to uncover an anonymous painter's depiction of the apocalypse, Birkin finds that he himself has been rest...

In a true light : a novel of crime

John Harvey.


Sloane's past in New York's bohemian 1950s is never far from the slippery surface of his present in this stylish noir tale from John Harvey, the award-winning novelist touted by the London Times as "the King of Crime." Nearing sixty, Sloane has just finished serving two years in an English prison for art forgery, when he's summoned to Pisa by Jane Graham, the celebrated artist with whom he had an affair four decades before, in New York. Now on he...

A slow burning

Stanley Pottinger.


A brilliant scientist is close to an astonishing neurological breakthrough that will alter the very nature of who we think we are...a hard-boiled cop stumbles upon the merciless killer who had murdered his father twenty years earlier...a woman who lies in a coma is given one last, desperate chance at life. All meet with shattering consequences in this latest novel from Stanley Pottinger--a bestselling author who combines the intelligent, well-res...


Nora Roberts.


The Maine air was bitter cold and frigid as Dr. Miranda Jones returned to the family home after a busy lecture tour. But her blood turned to ice when, out of nowhere, she felt a knife held against her throat.The unseen assailant stole her bags, slashed her tires . . . and disappeared. Shaken and bruised, Miranda was nonetheless determined to put the assault quickly out of her mind. Then comes a distraction in the form of a summons to Italy to ver...

The volcano lover : a romance

Susan Sontag.

Historical Fiction

Based on the lives of Sir William Hamilton, his celebrated wife, Emma, and Lord Nelson, the young British admiral who was the greatest hero of the time, this novel is about revolution, nature, emotions, the condition of women, and above all, love. Sontag is the acclaimed author of AIDS and Its Metaphor.

Murder at the Library of Congress

Margaret Truman.


Margaret Truman looks inside one of D.C.'s great institutions, the Library of Congress, the place where much of the wisdom of the nation is collected, and finds blood on the floor. Was there a second diary, beyond the one Columbus kept, describing his voyage to the New World? Leading scholars at the Library of Congress think so, and Annabel Smith, with her pre-Columbian interests, has been commissioned by the library's magazine,Civilization, to w...