"Unsinkable" Reads: Titanic Fiction

Raise the Titanic!

Clive Cussler.

Action/Adventure, Thriller, Science/Technology

The President's secret task force has developed an unprecedented defensive weapon that relies on an extremely rare radioactive element--and Dirk Pitt has followed a twisted trail to a secret cache of the substance. Now, racing against brutal storms, Soviet spies, and a ticking clock, Pitt begins his most thrilling mission--to raise from its watery grave the shipwreck of the century...

Something's alive on the Titanic : a novel

by Robert Serling.

Horror, Thriller, Action/Adventure, Fantasy

Eighty years ago, the "unsinkable" Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic, sending the ship and 1,503 passengers to a watery grave. Now, a group of scientists and adventurers going down to explore the wreck are unprepared for the terror awaiting them. . . . A thriller by the brother of Twilight Zone's Rod Serling. Martin's.

A good woman

Danielle Steel.

Romance, Historical Fiction

From the glittering ballrooms of Manhattan to the fires of World War I, Danielle Steel takes us on an unforgettable journey in her new novel--a spellbinding tale of war, loss, history, and one woman's unbreakable spirit.... Nineteen-year-old Annabelle Worthington was born into a life of privilege, raised amid the glamour of New York society, with glorious homes on Fifth Avenue and in Newport, Rhode Island. But everything changed on a cold April d...

The house of velvet and glass

Katherine Howe.

Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Romance

Katherine Howe, author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane , returns with an entrancing historical novel set in Boston in 1915, where a young woman stands on the cusp of a new century, torn between loss and love, driven to seek answers in the depths of a crystal ball. Still reeling from the deaths of her mother and sister on the Titanic, Sibyl Allston is living a life of quiet desperation with her taci...

Promise me this

Cathy Gohlke.

Inspirational, Historical Fiction

Spanning the sinking of the "Titanic" to World War I, "Promise Me This" tellsthe story of one man's determination to fulfill a promise he made--and of thewoman he has grown to love in the process.

The Dressmaker. ; A Novel.

Historical Fiction, Romance

Just in time for the centennial anniversary of the sinking of the "Titanic" comes a vivid, romantic, and relentlessly compelling historical novel about a spirited young seamstress who survives the disaster only to find herself embroiled in the media frenzy left in the wake of the tragedy.

Echoes of Titanic

Mindy Starns Clark and John Campbell Clark.

Historical Fiction, Inspirational

Kelsey Tate comes from sturdy stock. Her great-grandmother Adele endured the sinking of Titanic and made it safely to America, where she not only survived but thrived. Generations later, Kelsey works for the firm Adele founded nearly 100 years ago. Now facing a hostile takeover, the firm’s origins are challenged when new facts emerge about Adele’s actions on the night Titanic sank. Kelsey tries to defend the company and the great-grandmother ...