Start a Successful eBay Business

1000 best eBay secrets

Greg Holden.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

According to an AC Nielsen study conducted in early 2005, as many as 724,000 Americans depend on eBay sales for all or part of their income. But it is becoming more difficult to run a profitable business on eBay, as its sales growth slows and fees increase. Sellers are being squeezed between these two factors.

In order to thrive in this unique marketplace, sellers need to spend their money wisely, buy goods that will sell at low prices, market ...

How to sell collectibles on eBay

Entrepreneur Press and Jennifer A. Ericsson.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

Cash In with Collectibles Stand out from the crowd and attract high bidders with expert advice straight from eBay's top collectibles PowerSellers. Whether you're cleaning out your attic or selling a prized collection, we'll show you how to tap into eBay's biggest market--nearly 20 million people. Different from any other type of sale, selling collectibles on eBay requires a unique approach. Learn from our category-specific tips that focus on find...

EBay business the smart way : maximize your profits on the Web's #1 auction site

Joseph T. Sinclair.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

With over 200 million registered users and net revenues in the billions, eBay is indisputably the worlds most popular online auction site, an international marketplace that runs full speed ahead, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This unique and ever-growing realm offers virtually limitless opportunities for those ready to take advantage of it -- but to make the most of eBay, you need the right knowledge, timing, and techniques to stand out from...

Selling beyond eBay : foolproof ways to reach more customers and make big money on rival online marketplaces

Greg Holden.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

"Whether you're a veteran eBay pro or a first-time online seller, there's one thing you should know: eBay is not the only game in town. In fact, with eBay growing bigger and more crowded every day, serious shoppers -- and the savviest sellers -- are gravitating to other online marketplaces. Selling Beyond eBay gives you strategies for targeting not just more buyers but the right buyers-the ones looking for the specific products you're selling. Us...

Start your own e-business : your step-by-step guide to success

Entrepreneur Press, Robert McGarvey and Melissa Campanelli.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

Everything you'll need to know to start your own e-business.

eBay income advanced : how to take your eBay business to the next level--for powersellers and beyond

by John N. Peragine, Jr.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

Our first book on eBay - eBay Income - has been the bestselling book for all novice eBay sellers by far. It has been on's bestseller list for over two years. Then, readers started to say, "Yes, we know the basics of eBay, but how do we get ahead of the crowd? How do we propel our eBay business to the next level? How do we make a full time living using eBay?" Those questions are what this new book is all about. You will learn about deve...

EBay income : how anyone, of any age, location, and/or background can build a highly profitable online business with eBay

Cheryl L. Russell.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

EBay has changed the way products and services are purchased all over the world. Daily over 1.5 million online customers and providers log on to bid and sell virtually anything that can be bought or purchased. In 2006 eBay sellers are estimated to post $22 billion in sales. There are businesses earning $1 million a year selling products on eBay today. It is estimated that more than half a million people make full-time incomes just with their eBay...

How to sell anything on eBay-- and make a fortune!

Dennis L. Prince.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

Imagine opening a store...and more than 150 million people showing up. That's the power of selling on eBay. More than 100,000 people have used the first edition of How to Sell Anything on eBay...and Make a Fortune! to make their fortunes. Now the fully revised second edition shows you how to navigate the new site design, revised fee structures, and most importantly, how to reach the increased number of registered users-from 50 million to 157 mill...

Design and launch an online e-commerce business in a week

Entrepreneur Press & Jason R. Rich.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

WWW.(Your Online Store).COM Have you fantasized about your own retail store-selling your own specialty items, showcasing unique products or better promoting existing products? Or have you dreamed of working from home, setting your own hours and still making great money? Today's technology makes it easier than ever to take your retail dreams to the world's largest marketplace-the Internet. In just days, you can build your own eCommerce website, re...

How to start and run an eBay consignment business

Skip McGrath.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

Make big profits on eBay with no upfront investment! Make thousands of dollars per week--with little or no financial risk--selling other people's stuff on eBay. How to Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business explains how to locate and work with consignors and successfully deal in the goods they want to sell, including collectibles, retail store closeouts, estate items, corporate merchandise, and much more. Find out how to get started selling o...