Animal Accounts

We bought a zoo

Benjamin Mee.


Zamba : the true story of the greatest lion that ever lived

Ralph Helfer.


When Ralph Helfer, now one of Hollywood's top animal behaviorists, first began working, he was shocked by the cruelty that was accepted practice in the field. He firmly believed in "affection training" -- that love, not fear, should be the basis of any animal's development, even when dealing with the most dangerous of creatures. Then Zamba came into his life -- an adorable four-month-old lion cub that went on to prove Helfer's theories resounding...

Enslaved by ducks

by Bob Tarte.


When Bob Tarte left the city and bought a house in rural Michigan, he was counting on a tranquil life. At first, it was a little disorienting: Songbirds in the morning. Vultures sailing overhead by day. Raccoons prowling the property at night. But at least that was all outside, and he was (safely) inside. Then, Bob married Linda. She wanted a rabbit, which seemed, at the time, innocuous enough -- until the bunny chewed through their electrical wi...

The Cat Who Went to Paris

Peter Gethers

Nonfiction, Biography

An unlikely cat lady : feral adventures in the backyard jungle

Nina Malkin.


In this first-ever feral cat norrative, a Brooklyn woman who "has it all" gets a lot more than she bargained for when a family of wild cats moves into her backyard. Packed with information and insights on feline behavior and the nuts and bolts of cat caretaking, this book brings the feral cat epidemic home in all-too-human terms. Book jacket.

My cat Spit McGee

Willie Morris.

Biography, Nonfiction

With endearing humor and unabashed compassion, Willie Morris--a self-declared dog man and author of the classic paean to canine kind, My Dog Skip--reveals the irresistible story of his unlikely friendship with a cat. Forced to confront a lifetime of kitty-phobia when he marries a cat woman, Willie discovers that Spit McGee, a feisty kitten with one blue and one gold eye, is nothing like the foul felines that lurk in his nightmares. For when Spi...

Dewey: the small town library cat who touched the world

Vicki Myron


Dewey stars in this cat "tail!"  He's a long lived library cat who was found as a baby kitty in the book drop of the Spencer, Iowa, Public Library. The librarians nurtured him and he grew to rule the library and become a love object of patrons and citizens far and wide.  A sweet story for cat lovers--Myron's answer to Marley?

The dogs of Bedlam Farm : an adventure with sixteen sheep, three dogs, two donkeys, and me

Jon Katz.


"Dogs are blameless, devoid of calculation, neither blessed nor cursed with human motives. They can't really be held responsible for what they do. But we can." -from The Dogs of Bedlam Farm When Jon Katz adopted a border collie named Orson, his whole world changed. Gone were the two yellow Labs he wrote about in A Dog Year, as was the mountaintop cabin they loved. Katz moved into an old farmhouse on forty-two acres of pasture and woods with a men...

The gift of Jazzy

Cindy Adams.


After New York Post columnist Cindy Adams lost her husband Joey to cancer, finding companionship again was the last thing on her mind. But one day, a visit from a friend brought just that, in the form Cindy least expected: a tiny dog. Cindy Adams brings her famous wit, smarts and taste for celebrity gossip to a wry and touching story of the bond between a dog and its unlikely owner.

From Baghdad, with love : a Marine, the war, and a dog named Lava

Jay Kopelman with Melinda Roth.


This war memoir will capture the hearts of its readers, just as one scruffy puppy sneaked his way into the hearts of hardened Marines just when they needed it most.

Merle's door : lessons from a freethinking dog

Ted Kerasote.


While on a camping trip, Ted Kerasote met a dog--a Labrador mix--who was living on his own in the wild. They became attached to each other, and Kerasote decided to name the dog Merle and bring him home. There, he realized that Merle's native intelligence would be diminished by living exclusively in the human world. He put a dog door in his house so Merle could live both outside and in. A deeply touching portrait of a remarkable dog and his relati...

The dog who rescues cats : the true story of Ginny

Philip Gonzalez and Leonore Fleischer ; introduction by Cleveland Amory.


Philip Gonzalez had lost all interest in living after an industrial accident left him disabled. A friend suggested he adopt a dog.Reluctantly he went to the shelter, where Ginny, a badly abused one-year-old pup,quickly won him over. Philip realized immediately that Ginny was no ordinary dog--she had an amazing sixth sense that enabled her to find and rescue stray and ailing cats.There's Madame,who is completely deaf; Revlon, who has only one eye;...

Marley and me : love, life, and drywall repair with the world's worst dog

John Grogan.


John and Jenny had just begun their life together. They were young and in love, with a perfect little house and not a care in the world. Then they brought home Marley, a wiggly yellow furball of a puppy. Life would never be the same.

Modoc : the true story of the greatest elephant that ever lived

Ralph Helfer.


Spanning seven decades and three continents, this sweeping saga follows the life and times of a remarkable elephant and her faithful companion and trainer. Ralph Helfer, founder of Eden International, owned Modoc for the last 20 years of her life and witnessed the joyous reunion of the elephant and her trainer. Photos.