Recession Resources - Jobs

What's stopping you? : shatter the 9 most common myths keeping you from starting your own business

Bruce R. Barringer, R. Duane Ireland.


Build the business you've always dreamed of! Take control of your future and achieve the breakthrough success that's only possible when you're working for yourself. You can do it-and this book will show you how.

30-minute résumé makeover : rev up your résumé in half an hour

Kursmark, Louise.


Need to dust the cobwebs off your old resume fast? Don't fret and sweat. 30-Minute Resume Makeover comes to the rescue. In just a half-hour, you can renovate and update your resume and then get on with your search.

150 best recession-proof jobs

the editors @ JIST and Laurence Shatkin.


In a rocky economy, everyone wants a rock-solid career. This new book uncovers the 150 most secure jobs in good and bad times. A total of 75 lists rank the best recession-proof jobs by pay, growth, and openings, plus by education level, personality type, career cluster/interests, age, part-time work, and self-employment. Bonus lists reveal the most recession-proof metropolitan areas and states, the most recession-proof skills, and the jobs very s...

How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job

Whiteman, Lily.


Whiteman works as career columnist for Federal Times and also writes for the National Science Foundation and The Washington Post. Here she advises readers on ways to find federal job openings; offers writing tools for perfecting an application; and discusses techniques for interviewing, negotiating a salary, and responding to an agency's decision. The application section deals specifically with writing to sell one's qualifications, mastering onli...

100 fastest-growing careers : your complete guidebook to major jobs with the most growth and openings

Michael Farr.


Explore 100 in-demand careers, assess which ones match your skills, and get the job you want quickly with this authoritative resource. In one time-saving volume, job seekers and students find everything they need to research fast-growing careers; learn about pay, outlook, education and, skills for the 100 jobs; match their personal skills to the jobs; and take seven steps to land a good job in less time.

Expert resumes for people returning to work

Wendy S. Enelow and Louise M. Kursmark.


What should job seekers do when they have noticeable gaps in their employment histories? Pick up this guide, of course. Resumes are often used to screen out applicants, so this new book will be a welcome addition to any business/career section.

Next-day job interview : prepare tonight and get the job tomorrow

Michael Farr and Dick Gaither.


Got a job interview tomorrow? Don't fret and sweat. Next-Day Job Interview comes to the rescue. In less than an hour, you can master the most important skills for succeeding in your interview-and getting the job.

Save your small business : 10 crucial strategies to survive hard times or close down & move on

by Ralph Warner & Bethany Laurence.


Written by a business owner who has survived three decades of challenges, this resource provides 12 no-nonsense strategies for small business owners on protecting personal assets from creditors and surviving the current recession.