All the Drama

Drama club, book 1 : the fall musical

Peter Lerangis.

Chick Lit

A new series in the spirit of the Disney Channels phenomenon"High School Musical" begins, starring the members of the Drama Club of Ridgefield High. For these kids, Drama Club isnt just about a school play--its about passion and dreams and the future.

Introducing Vivien Leigh Reid : daughter of the diva

Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout.

Chick Lit

Fifteen-year-old Leigh is sent to Ireland to join her movie-star mother, Annika. Leigh becomes her mom's personal assistant on the set of her latest film. But tensions flare as Annika and Leigh must finally grow into their most demanding roles: mother and daughter.

Secrets of my Hollywood life : a novel

by Jen Calonita.

Chick Lit

Juicy Hollywood secrets are revealed throughout this novel about a young star, Kaitlin Burke, who goes undercover to high school. Could it be that high school is just as harsh as Hollywood?

Confessions of a Hollywood star

Dyan Sheldon.

Chick Lit

Sheldon's comically melodramatic heroine Lola casts her best friend, Ella, in a supporting role as they conspire to land a part in a real-live movie that's filming tantalizingly close to home.


by E. Lockhart.

Chick Lit

Two theater-mad Ohio teenagers attend a drama camp together and go through a season of hormones, gold lam, hissy fits, and true love. Can their friendship survive the summer?

All about Vee

by C. Leigh Purtill.

Chick Lit

Veronica May (aBig Veea) is a bubbly, gorgeous, confident, eighteen-year-old theater actress from Chester, Arizona. She is also two hundred pounds. She puts off college, her life, and her questions about her mother's death twelve years earlier to care for her widowed father. Then Daddy announces that he's going to remarry and Veronica feels replaced. She decides, then and there, itas time for Big Vee to shine! She escapes Arizona and follows in...