Children's Privacy Commitment

Our Commitment To Children's Privacy


Protecting the privacy of children is especially important to us. Parents are responsible for supervising their children's use of the Internet, especially when a child wishes to give out personal information online.


We will never disclose a child's personal information such as full name, address, etc. ("information that would facilitate or enable the physical or online locating and contacting of a specific individual") without written approval from a parent or legal guardian. In accordance with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) we will only display a child's first name and age on our site to announce contest winners and display customer-submitted comments.

The personal information requested on our web site is sent directly to an internal database accessible only by staff or directly to a pertinent staff member's email account. Information collected by the Cecil County Public Library is not shared with any other agency or organization.

Parents and children are strongly encouraged to read "Keeping Kids Safer on the Internet" which thoroughly discusses the risks and benefits of children's Internet use.