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What Does Your Library Mean To You?

  • We are in difficult economic times and today more than ever, people need the library—to work, to research, to live.
  • Please share the value of the library… how important is the library to your family and to your quality of life?
  • For information about how to contact your county officials, click here.
  • To tell us why the library is important to you, click here.
  • It’s your library. Your support matters.

Ideas for using these graphics to improve your library's advocacy efforts:

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My Library, My Lifeline

Cecil County Public Library serves over half of Cecil County with over 50,000 registered borrowers. We offer free, crucial services in times of need such as computer and job search classes, Resume Review services, top notch developmental programs for children, and access to information for every person in our community.

Cecil County Public Library encourages other pro-library groups to make use of the My Library, My Lifeline logo for the non-commercial purpose of increasing awareness of the value of libraries in their communities.  As a professional courtesy, please give credit to Cecil County Public Library when using the logo. 

Also, we would love to know how you're using the logo!  Please send us an email to share what you think of the logo or how you're using it, or .


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What Do Americans Say about Public Libraries advocacy infographic

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