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Cecil County Public Library Website Accessibility Statement

June 1, 2017

Cecil County Public Library has completed several major updates to the library’s current website so that Cecil County Public Library website visitors will be better served.


To help visitors to the site who use assistive devices like screen readers, we’ve made improvements to how the website content is structured. We've upgraded the dropdown menus and form fields throughout the site. We’ve added attributes that give screen readers more information to key sections of the page. This helps label and describe sections of the site that would give a screen reader trouble. For instance, the mobile off-screen menu uses an attribute to “hide” it from screen readers, since it duplicates information already displayed on the site.


Additional updates included:

  • Increased font size
  • Increased white space
  • Increased button size or clickable area
  • Added mobile-friendly formatting, accounting for multiple screen sizes
  • Improvements in coding, labeling, and alternate text throughout the site
  • Adjustments to increase color contrast for enhanced readability
  • Removal of features that were incompatible with screen reader technology
  • Education of our staff about accessibility issues


These improvements will help make our library’s data accessible to our entire audience.


Moving forward, the library will continue to investigate additional ways to ensure that all patrons, including those with disabilities, have better access to the Cecil County Public Library website, online resources, and catalog.


We welcome input from citizens regarding website improvements. If you wish to provide feedback or have any difficulty accessing information on our site, please contact us by telephone at 410-996-5600 ext. 481, Maryland Relay dial 7-1-1 (TTY text telephone), or email at

Computer Technology Accessibility Resources: