All By Myself…

September 2nd, 2014

geocacheAh, the joys of a new school year!  We moved Boy #1 back to college in Salisbury the same day Boy #2 started his junior year of high school classes.  As my baby sister with two elementary school age kids so eloquently put it, it feels like I now have more than two brain cells to devote to something other than the kids.  I do love the routine that comes from having a schedule; and even though I know it isn’t true, I feel like I have more time for myself now that my boys are back in school.  What to do, what to do?
I got really interested in geocaching while on summer vacation, which can sometimes involve a lot of hiking.  I’ve done enough now to know that I want better equipment than my cell phone’s GPS and “cute” shoes, so I need to do some research for that.  The Zinio digital magazine app on my iPad shows me we have magazine titles like Backpacker, Bird Watching, Canoe & Kayak, Field & Stream, and Outdoor Life just to name a few that will probably help me find the answers to my questions.

There are also lots of great cooking magazines that have yielded some tasty “keeper” recipes for me.  I do a screen shot and save them to my Evernote app for easy access from any of my devices.  The same holds true for crafting magazines and jewelry I’d like to try to make.  Can you tell I’m a real fan of downloadables?

There’s also Learn4Life – which recently had a name change to Gale Courses – but is the same great  product! Learn4Life/Gale Courses has personal development classes – several concerning digital photography, a couple on losing weight and low-fat quick meal cooking that interest me, and a natural health and healing class I’d like to investigate.  Those are free things I can do at home or wherever I can access the internet, and at whatever time suits my schedule.  That’s great for the time spent waiting in a doctor, dentist, or orthodontist’s office, waiting to pick up Boy #2 from school, or even on lunch break.

What plans do you have for taking time for yourself?

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Taking the Mystery out of Gardening

April 28th, 2014

Gardens are a beautiful thing.  Growing your own food can cut down on your grocery bill and help you make healthier choices for meals and snacks.  But if you’ve never been in charge of a garden from start to finish, it can be daunting.  What do I plant when?  What do I do besides hoe weeds and harvest?  And the biggest one, where on earth can I put a garden when my house sits on ¾ of an acre and the hubby has adamantly refused to let me have anything other than planter boxes of herbs in the back yard?

There are a lot of choices and a lot to learn.  “Square Foot Gardening,” container gardening, vertical gardening, hydroponics, aquaponics, vermiculture, permaculture, organic growing – it’s enough to make your head spin.  Thank goodness the library offers programs and books on so many of these topics!  Now if I can just convince the hubby that some of those hanging baskets should be filled with grape tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes instead of flowers…

What will you be growing this season?

Spring Series 2014

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