A new advisory tool for avid readers

December 26th, 2016

One of my favorite things to do in the library is browse the shelves. I run my fingers along the edges of the books until one catches my eye. I can flip through it and decide whether or not to take it home. Sometimes I stop at the new books shelves. Other times I wander farther into the library where I can find something that, while not a recently released book, is still new to me. Now you can browse our books from the comfort of your own home and even receive emailed lists of books you might like with your newest product, SelectReads.

SelectReads lets you find books in several different ways. You can sign up for emailed newsletters of both new releases and books you might have missed in any of more than twenty categories, including mysteries, memoirs, history, graphic novels, books for both kids and teens, and even our monthly list of books recommended by our staff. You will receive emails around the sixth of the month, and you can unsubscribe easily using a link at the end of the email. Because both the library and SelectReads value your privacy, the library does not have access to what emails you are receiving. If you’d rather not see the lists in your email, you can also check on the library’s SelectReads site and see the lists on the web as well.

If you click one of the books in the list, you will see more about the book, including other books you might like and a link to find the book in CCPL’s catalog. Clicking from book to book is a fun way to browse the library’s collection. You can also learn more about the author of the book and, if you click the “track author” button, can sign up to receive an email when the library receives a new book by that author.  We also have lists of award-winning titles for readers of all ages.

For more information and a video tutorial on SelectReads, head to http://ow.ly/jpki307lpZC  — we hope you can find your next favorite book!

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

December 19th, 2016

Are you still struggling to find that final gift for a friend or family member? Have you racked your brain to figure out what they would possibly enjoy? No worries: here’s a list of books for everyone in your life. The best part? Once they finish, they’ll surely let you borrow the copy! And remember: before you buy, take a peek at the book through your local Cecil County Branch Library to guarantee excellence!
Here are the perfect picks for the person in your life…

…who is always on-trend:
The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney
Literary Fiction
Why not give your coolest friend a book swarming with buzz? The Nest, published in March 2016, has been on multiple Best Books of 2016 lists. When the Plumb family’s joint trust fund, dubbed “The Nest,” is endangered by the reckless older brother, Leo, the remaining siblings, Melody, Beatrice, and Jack, swarm to protect their share of the money. A page-turner that shows you the power, complexity, and general dysfunction of family relationships. You will surely get an impressed “Oh! I just heard about this book!” with this gift.


…who is a hopeless romantic:
Please Enjoy Your Happiness: A Memoir by Paul Brinkley-Rogers
Before Paul Brinkley-Rogers became a Pulitzer-Prize winning war correspondent, he was a 19-year old sailor aboard the USS Shangri-La. During his stay in Japan, Paul develops a relationship with an older woman named Kaji Yukiko. Their relationship flourishes with their shared interest of literature and art. However, tragedy strikes when a member of the yakuza, the Japanese crime syndicate, makes plans to kidnap Yukiko. Paul begins to learn more about Yukiko and post-WWII Japan. Yukiko’s beautiful, lyrical letters are mixed in throughout the book. Please Enjoy Your Happiness is a tender, unforgettable romance.
…who needs an escape:
The Passenger by Lisa Lutz
Suspense/Thriller Fiction
Sometime during this holiday season you’re going to talk to someone who really needs to take a break. Give them The Passenger, a fast-paced thriller of a woman trying to escape her past. She moves from town to town like a chameleon, shedding and changing her identity whenever needed. The Passenger is a perfect plot-driven novel that will stick with your giftee even after they’ve finished.


…who loves time travel:
Patience by Daniel Clowes
Graphic Novel/Science Fiction
They love Outlander, can’t get enough of Doctor Who, have always been obsessed with Back to the Future. Give them a new way to read about time travel: through a graphic novel. Daniel Clowes, author of the critically acclaimed Ghost World and one of the leading graphic artists of our time, has created an intricate story of one man’s quest to find out who murdered his wife through–you guessed it–time travel. Loud, psychedelic illustrations, bitingly realistic dialogue, and highly detailed — whoever is lucky enough to receive this sci-fi love story will be mulling over the book for days afterwards.


…who loves to learn (but doesn’t have a lot of time):
Seven Brief Lessons in Physics by Carlo Revelli
A short (96 pages!) poetic introduction to physics, tailored to those who know nothing on the subject.



…whose goal in life is to go to every national park:
The Hour of Land by Terry Tempest Williams
A beautifully written book about America’s national parks and our relationship with them.




…who is a history buff:
Iron Dawn: The Monitor, the Merrimack, and the Civil War Sea Battle that Changed History by Richard Snow
An in-depth look of the sea battle fought in the harbor at Hampton Roads, Virginia in March 1862.




…who goes to Turkey Point any chance they get:
Brilliant Beacons: A History of the American Lighthouse by Eric Jay Dolin
Enjoy this expertly researched chronicle of the American lighthouse from its early 1700 beginnings.




…who would live in a fairy tale if they could:
Heartless by Marissa Meyer
Young Adult Fantasy
From the author of the “Cinder” series comes a new tale about the Queen of Hearts, before she was infamous.

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