Earlier this year, many of you took a survey about our website.  We wanted to know what you liked and what you didn’t.  Your comments were immensely helpful, and we’ve been working ever since to analyze the results and plan for improvements.

What about our site did you like best?  Overall, you loved the book recommendations, and we loved writing them!  The reviews from our staff have been very popular, and we are thrilled that you like them.  Another aspect that got high reviews was the wealth of available information – from easy access to resources such as our Online Databases or InterLibrary Loans, you know that our site connects you with reliable information.  Additionally, you appreciated how you can access our catalog and your account from any page on our site.

You also had several helpful suggestions.  Many of you expressed frustration with our events calendar.  Rest assured that we have heard you, and we are working hard on making some major improvements in the near future!  It will be easier to search, making it simple to find events that interest you – by branch, age group, topic, and more.  Your feedback indicated that our catalog needs some work, and we’ve started making changes already.  These changes will be gradual, but we’re fixing errors, streamlining and adding more functionality.  Finally, some of you said that you had some trouble navigating our site, so you may notice that we’ve simplified and reorganized several areas.

The survey also revealed some “undiscovered” parts of our site.  Since our new website offers so much more than our previous, we’d love to introduce you to some great new offerings you may have missed:

– Did you know you can leave a comment on any book, DVD or audiobook featured on our site?  We want to know your opinions, so make sure to leave a comment when you see a review or an item that interests you!

– Not sure what to read, watch, or listen to next?  We have a whole page of resources dedicated to helping you find items that you’ll love.

– Want to know about upcoming events?  You can sign up online to get our newsletter, The Library Link, automatically delivered to you each time there’s a new issue.

– Interested in downloading an audiobook or digital book?  Click here to see our free resources!

Our site offers so much more, so we hope you’ll take some time to explore it for yourself.  Thanks again for your help with this project and stay tuned for more exciting changes.  And let us know – what changes have you noticed?  What new things have you discovered about our site?

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