Have you noticed the stars on our website at the bottom of each featured title?  We don’t think they are working and we’re trying to find out why.  Everything seems to end up with three stars—does that mean that an equal number of people love it and hate it so it averages 3 stars, or that everyone thinks “eh!” and could take it or leave it? Or maybe bots and creepy crawlers are doing the ratings remotely?   Please try ranking the things you are really passionate about—you love, love, love it or it’s the worst thing you’ve read or seen all year.  We’ll keep an eye on the stars and see if they shift.

And let’s end the year on a positive note.  What’s on your list for 2010 as those things most worthy of your positive passion?  What have you read or seen or listened to this year that you think is worthy of 5 ***** stars?

Here’s my 5 star list:

– DVD–Mad Men

– CD Music–Bird in a House by Railroad Earth

– CD Book—Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes

I’ve read some good 4 star books this year such as Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, but I’m still searching for a 5 star read!  Please share your list!

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