frederick_douglass_2When I was asked to arrange a program about Frederick Douglass for the library, little did I know how much local history I would learn.   History, both good and bad, is in our own backyard, and we are often unaware of it.  Did you know that one of the most notorious slave catchers of the 1800s lived in Elkton?  Thomas McCreary made his living tracking down fugitive slaves and, in some cases, kidnapping free black men and women.  It is even possible that he might have tried to chase down the famous fugitive slave from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Frederick Douglass.

Did you also know that Mr. Douglass visited Cecil County?  Late in his life he traveled to Port Deposit and Rising Sun, lecturing at the Rising Sun Literary Society.   His visit came long after the threat of McCreary had ended. By then, McCreary had been arrested for murder, and though never convicted, there is little doubt of his guilt.  Frederick Douglass, on the other hand, would become an inspiration to people throughout the world.

Join us at the Elkton Central Library for Frederick Douglass: A Living History Presentation on Wednesday, February 16th, as once again Mr. Douglass visits Cecil County.  Mr. Bill Grimmette, a living history interpreter, storyteller and actor, will portray the exceptional Mr. Douglass in celebration of Black History Month.  To sign up, please call 410-996-5600 ext. 481 or you can click the link above.

We hope you will join us.  What will you be doing to celebrate Black History Month?

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