What happens when you combine Black History Month, the American Civil War and Cecil County? An amazing program on February 8th! Did you know over 130 African American soldiers from our county served with segregated Union forces? Cecil County was a reflection of America’s and Maryland’s divided loyalties, with soldiers sympathetic to both North and South. Maryland was a slave state until 1864 and the brave black soldiers who fought for the Union had everything to lose: their lives and their liberty.

African Americans in the Civil WarEric Mease, an avowed “extreme historian,” spent over two years researching and uncovering this intriguing Cecil County story.  It might prompt you, as it did me, to start searching through the attic, basement, old family papers and photographs for your own “unknown” family history.

Sign up for Cecil County African Americans in the Civil War, presented by Eric Mease on Wednesday, February 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the Elkton Central Library.

What do you know about Cecil County Civil War history?

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