National Library Week 2012Nine years ago, I moved from the bustling borough of Brooklyn, New York to the quiet community of Cecilton. A stay-at-home mom, with an infant and a husband who traveled for work, I found myself lonely and isolated. Driving country roads, listening to talk radio, I realized, “I don’t love talk radio, I just need to hear adult conversation!” Lucky for me, the Cecilton Library was within walking distance from my home.

Cecil County Public Library was a welcome haven of friendly, helpful staff, internet connectivity (broadband hadn’t come to the south county yet) and programs where I could meet other moms. There are no community centers or YMCA below the C&D canal, and because my girls were not in school, the library was the only place I could connect.  I started attending babytime, singing along with Miss Karen’s guitar. Over the next few years, I had another child and the library offered all sorts of resources, from happy sleeping to potty training. At home and in the car, my girls and I sang storytime songs and acted out “two little blackbirds sitting on a hill…” On nights when my husband was out of town, I could watch subtitled foreign film DVDs to my heart’s content.

I now work part-time at the Elkton Central Library and am thrilled to be part of such an energetic and resourceful organization. I share my story as a simple example of how important libraries are and that they are a lifeline to resources and a vital connection to the community for so many citizens like me.

In celebration of National Libraries Week, April 8 – 14, I encourage you to share your own library stories and to take advantage of all the resources CCPL offers.

How has the library impacted you?

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