Elkton Central LibraryWe work hard to keep all Cecil County Public Libraries up-to-date, efficient and comfortable.  The Elkton Central Library opened in 1987—a lot has changed since then and a few updates are in order! Here’s an overview of what’s going on:

Changes in collections.

• Librarians are still able to find knowledge, information, evidence and data on the topics and issues better than anyone.  But reference collections are very different than in years past.  We now buy many reference books in digital formats and access them online.  The space needed is less than it was, so we can allocate that important resource in new ways.

• Audiobooks and DVDs are more popular than ever, and Elkton’s shelving is overcrowded and deteriorated.

Library users are changing, too.

• Teens are proving to be the fastest growing demographic of library users today, and they read a lot.

• All library users expect to “plug in” a device at the library.

• The Perryville Branch Library café has proven to be a very popular place for study or work, and the ability to get a decent cup of coffee, snack, or even lunch in the library is appreciated by many library users.

The improvements: We are moving a lot of things around, adding some shelving, a bit of furniture, and paint.

• The reference collection is moving to the previous teen space. This will provide a quieter area for reference research and for reference computer users.

• Teen seating and books will get the larger space previously occupied by those outmoded reference books. This will be a safe and constructive environment for teens to study together, use technology, and read (and the new comfortable space will be there for adults and others during school hours).

• The audiovisual collection will move to new mobile shelving, and the magazine shelving will be consolidated to higher shelving, yielding more space. Mobile shelving allows for flexible use of library space, as well as better security.

• A linoleum floor and a new counter (with plug ins) where the audiovisual shelving used to be, plus vending machines and tables, will become a new café area for Elkton library users.

We started this transition in early December.  Things may be a little harder to find at first, but we will still have all the tables, study seating and chairs we had before—and great books and magazines to check out and read.  Please just ask if you are trying to find something.  Already, teens are moving in to their new area and loving it. We will work hard to complete the rest of these improvements with as little disruption as possible.  Thanks for your patience and flexibility!

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