lincoln thumbIf the popularity of last years’ movie, Lincoln, and the academy-award winning performance by Daniel Day Lewis are any indications, Abraham Lincoln continues to fascinate and enthrall as America’s favorite president. From childhood we learned about his humble upbringing in a log cabin, his determination to educate himself and his willingness defend his beliefs. His stove-top hat is iconic and instantly recognized.

We hope you’ll join us for a living history presentation by Jim Getty, America’s foremost Lincoln impersonator on Saturday, April 13, 1pm at the Elkton Central Library. You’ll witness President Lincoln recount his recollections from youth and his political life. Take the opportunity to ask the president those questions you’ve always been curious about!

If this era of American history fascinates you, you’ll also love Syl Woolford’s lecture on William Still, the “father of the underground railroad,” on Thursday, April 18, 7pm at the Elkton Central Library. William Still, an African American abolitionist was born in 1821, just four years before slavery was abolished in the British Empire. It would take forty-two more years before American slaves would be emancipated by Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863. During his life-time, William Still worked tirelessly in the Philadelphia anti-slavery movement. Ten years after emancipation, Mr. Still published a definitive work titled “The Underground Railroad.”  This local, historical figure made a signifigant impact in the Philiadlephia area. For a timeline that compares Philadelphia with the National stage, click here.

What question would you ask Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Still?

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