If your public library’s mission is to promote community success, what exactly should the library do to achieve that goal every day?  We frequently ask ourselves that question as we develop our services at CCPL, because our mission statement says exactly that.  We are very pleased that the American Library Association chose to promote public libraries’ unique role in promoting successful communities for National Library Week in 2013.  Here are some examples of what we do in Cecil County to show Communities Matter @ Your Library!

1. We—our citizen Board and staff—pay attention and get involved.  We learn about community challenges from the library users who walk in the door with their questions and concerns, AND from our work on boards, committees and volunteering activities around the county.

2. We are committed to being part of the solution. We work hard to anticipate what the “gamechanger” insights, knowledge, books, services, technology, presentations or classes will be, AND we aim to have them at the library for you and your family or business when you walk in our door or click on our website.

3. We strive to serve the whole community and every community in Cecil County.  Our mission statement says something else special—that we provide educational and cultural resources for all.  Whether you are in kindergarten, college or AARP, wealthy or cash-strapped, studying for the GED, ASVAB, or MCAT, working to find a job or get a promotion, starting a business, or craving a good book, we are here, and we are often there, to give you access to those game-changing insights, knowledge, and services and to promote you and your community’s success.

4. It is not just a job to us.  Cecil County is, after all, a fantastic place to live, work, study and grow—a community of communities that really matter.  You inspire us with your creativity, determination, and accomplishments every day.

Visit us to celebrate our community in Cecil County Public Library branches for National Library Week, April 14 to 20.

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