One of my greatest pleasures is wandering through my garden after work, marking the day-to-day changes in nature.  I look for new blooms and dead head old ones, pull a pesky weed here and there and look for unexpected surprises.  Checking the status of my little kingdom is a soothing ritual.  I am strictly a flower gardener, but I imagine vegetable gardeners do the same, noting new buds and the progress of each vegetable’s exciting growth.

Whether you’re interested in flowers or vegetables, or if you’re new to gardening all-together, CCPL has a series of gardening programs this spring you might find helpful.  From planning and sowing a garden to canning the fruits and vegetables of your labor, we have programs to inspire your green thumb. Click here to see more about our program series and for links to sign up for specific programs.

We are especially excited about our first ever Plant Swap at the Elkton Central Library on May 8. Did you start too many seedlings this year?  Are your perennials desperate for some breathing room?  Gardeners are known for sharing their bounty, so bring your extras and come home with some new beauties.  Sign up online or by calling 410-996-5600 ext. 481.

For more gardening goodness, don’t forget that we have great books to keep you inspired throughout the growing season.  Try our staff recommendations for compelling, true reads about gardening or our favorite picks for creating a home-grown lifestyle.

What will you be growing this year?

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