aristosharvestBeth Tumas walked into the Small Business Information Center at the Cecil County Public Library back in 2012 with the dream of creating a small business that produces and sells natural honey and goat milk products, locally, with fresh homemade ingredients. At the time, Tumas did not even own a single bee or goat, but she had a vision and a passion, she just needed a plan of action. Fast forward to today, and Beth operates her small business, “Aristos’ Harvest” along with her numerous colonies of bees, her herd of alpine goats and with her other animals, she has recently expanded her business to a new farm. She sells her honey, soaps, lip balms, and her hand salve at stores like Pickled Pickles in Oxford, PA and Rooted in New London, PA. Tumas’ mission statement for Aristos’ Harvest is that it will be “a working farm that balances our animals, ourselves, and the environment through education, business, and environmental stewardship.” Tumas credits her business success with the help she received at the Cecil County Public Library’s Small Business Information Center (SBIC).

At the SBIC, she met with the Small Business Librarian one-on-one and learned the process of starting a business and how to map out her goals in a business plan. Tumas is especially grateful for the free online Gale Courses the library offers. She took the free course titled, “Start Your Own Business” and learned about the different legal business structures and the tax implications of each form. She credits the course for giving her a firm foundation to make smart decisions in the early stages of her business.

Tumas also credits the knowledge she gained at the free programs offered by the SBIC at the library with her success. Tumas states, “the free QuickBooks classes taught at the library really tasked me with organizing my business. I realized the importance of keeping track of inventory and now, at any point, I can know if I am making or losing money. I am so grateful I learned this in the early stages of my business.” At another program Tumas attended, “From Hobbyist to Entrepreneur: Building an Online Business” presented by local business owner and artisan, Sara Renzulli, she learned the adage “Don’t be afraid to promote yourself.” Tumas said that really stuck with her and has given her the courage needed to self-promote her business, something that she was not initially comfortable with. The Small Business Information Center provides free assistance and resources to any aspiring or established entrepreneur.

If you are interested in learning more about the Small Business Information Center, visit, call 410-996-5600 x481, or email For more information on the free Gale Courses, visit If you are interested in learning more about Aristos’ Harvest, visit her website at, email her at, and be sure to like her on Facebook. Tumas will be at Pickled Pickles in Oxford, PA on Friday, November 18th from 5pm to 9pm to meet customers and to create a bees’ wax craft for those interested.

What small business do you want to start?