Summer is my favorite time of the year– I love the heat, the laziness of a summer evening, and there is nothing– and I mean nothing– better than a beach day. I always go prepared, of course– sunscreen, snacks, plenty of water, and about two or three books to read (because what if I get through one book, and then I get through the other? I can’t possibly not have anything to read!!).

While you’re planning your summer trips, be sure to also plan your reading material! Here are a few choices to get you thinking:

The Fall of Lisa Bellow

The Fall of Lisa Bellow
by Susan Perabo

Two girls are in a convenience store during the time of a robbery– one girl is kidnapped, the other left to lay on the floor. What happens to the girl left behind? Perabo’s book is layered–it is a slow burning thriller, yes, but it also gives us a glimpse into 13-year-old Meredith’s mind, as well as the relationship between Meredith and her mother, Claire.

My (not so) Perfect Life
by Sophie Kinsella

I can’t lie– I’ve loved Sophie Kinsella since her Shopaholic series. She can do no wrong. Her newest book follows Londoner Katie after she is fired from her job by her perfect boss. An interesting look into how the life we construct online through social media is not always accurate.


Killers of the Flower Moon
by David Grann

Fan of true crime? Pick up David Grann’s newest book about a startling conspiracy to kill off the Osage Indians.




What’s your favorite beach read?

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