Ever wonder how your librarians manage to give such great book suggestions? Usually, the recommendations are born from personal reading experience, but we can’t read everything (though, we do try.) We have some favorite websites that we use to research & pick out titles that may be of interest to you.

Here are some of our favorite resources:

Select Reads

Select Reads is a discoverability tool that is linked through CCPL’s website. You can click through similar titles of your favorite books. Our book lists are linked with Select Reads, and you can view CCPL staff favorites. You can also subscribe to have book suggestions and author alerts sent to your e-mail.


Goodreads fosters discoverability and conversation about different books. You can log the different titles you’ve read and also customize your “bookshelves” to organize your reading by theme, subject, or format. Since Goodreads is owned by Amazon, the website lists almost every book that exists. The website has book lists, read-a-likes, and reviews from real readers.

Kirkus Reviews

The websites has a reputation of being a trusted source for book reviews. A starred review from Kirkus is similar to Oprah’s book club; it’s an indicator that it’s a “must-read.” They have a cute, quick label beneath a book to let you know whether you should “Skip,” “Borrow,” or “Buy” it. Kirkus also has a podcast, author interviews, and blogs for specific genres.

Literary Hub Book Marks

BookMarks is a visually appealing collection of new books.  The website compiles book reviews from newspapers and online blogs, and averages the reviews in order to categorize the book as either a “Rave,” “Positive,” “Mixed,” and “Pan.” They also offer “Classic Reviews” of older books. The only downsides of Book Marks are that it’s only a selection of new releases and the website rarely includes indie books or read-a-likes.

Once you find your next read, be sure to call or stop in to your CCPL branch to pick it up or place a print or audiobook copy on hold. Happy reading!

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