Where’s your favorite place to read?
a. Train or plane
b. Alone, cozy on a couch with a cup of tea
c. On vacation

How did you decide on your current read?
a. The cover or the author
b. My favorite celebrity posted about it on Instagram, and then my favorite librarian recommended it
c. My mood

How much do you read?
a. Not enough!
b. Occasionally
c. It depends.

What’s your favorite genre?
a. Thrillers, Mystery, Romance
b. Nonfiction, Literary, Award Winners
c. I go through phases

If you got mostly a’s, you are a Multitasker

You love to read, but you don’t have time to read as much as you’d like. You simply have too much to do! You’re probably an audiobook listener or you read late at night when everyone else has gone to sleep.

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If you got mostly b’s, you are a Picky Reader

You don’t like to waste your time on just any book. You do your research, by reading book lists online and in magazines, and you take recommendation seriously. Once you hear multiple people tell you a book is good, then you’re ready to check it out.

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If you got mostly c’s, you are a Binge Reader

You can read five books in three days and then you can go weeks without picking up a book. When you find an author you love, you have to read everything they’ve published. You read when the mood strikes you, and you’re open to anything.

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