Hands Free Reading

May 29th, 2017

Planning for the weekend ahead, I find myself in the rare situation of having a day with absolutely zero plans. I intend to take full advantage by running errands, weeding my garden, putting the finishing touches on a quilt, and reading an entire book! How will I accomplish this? I’ll tell you my secret: “hands free reading” with audiobooks!

I listen to audiobooks basically anytime my ears are free. They are a great way to pass the time when you’re doing chores, driving, or anytime your hands are occupied, but your mind isn’t. You can get done whatever you need to get done while also reading a book. Talk about multi-tasking!

Audiobooks have all of the same benefits of more traditional reading, no comprehension or quality is lost by listening to the words rather than reading them.  They are especially great for all of us who feel we’re just too busy to read. If you’re listening to an average-length audiobook (about 11 hours) only on your 15 minute drive to and from work each day, you’ll still have your book done in only about 3 weeks.

In addition to traditional CD books available from any branch, CCPL also offers 3 different ways to check out audiobooks digitally: OverDrive, OneClickDigital and Hoopla. Hoopla has the added benefit that there are no holds, so any book that it carries is available for download immediately.

Our website has how-to guides on how to setup an account and access these books, (http://ow.ly/DD9R30c12dE) or you can come to any branch to have a librarian show you in person. It’s easy!

And audiobooks don’t just have to accompany you when you’re doing chores. If you’re gearing up for your next family vacation and looking to keep everyone happy and occupied on that long car drive, consider an audiobook!

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Digital Graphic Novels Now Available

May 8th, 2017

Having a library card is magic. The benefits of a properly used library card cannot be overstated. Once upon a time a library card got you only books. That couldn’t be further from the truth today. Your modern CCPL card grants you access to resources, online courses, services, information and entertainment.

You now have access to hundreds and hundreds of digital graphic novels with Hoopla our digital streaming and downloading service which also includes thousands of music albums, movies, audiobooks and television shows. These aren’t just duplicates of what we already have in our print collection, they are in addition to our existing collection. Plus, the same week graphic novels hit the shelves in stores; you can have it at your fingertips on your tablet or home PC. And there are no holds or wait lists. None. Ever.

Graphic novels are a different format for storytelling and the Hoopla collection is comprised of a wide variety of titles, for all ages that contain genres and categories including fiction, non-fiction and biographies. Graphic novels tell stories that deal with social issues, history, current events, folklore, mythology and pop culture.

Did you know that the combination of artwork and text can appeal to reluctant readers as the visuals often help supply context clues as well as holding the readers interest? It also promotes the development of critical thinking, visual literacy, comprehension and interpretation skills.

The ebooks and graphic novel selection on Hoopla also includes children’s picture books, Marvel, DC, and Disney materials. You can limit the service to operate using wi-fi only to avoid data charges, and if you have kids who love Dora and Sesame Street, age-appropriate books can be easily located by using the “kid safe search” found in settings.

Once you’ve logged on, click a genre that interests you, read a synopsis or two, and press borrow. That’s it. Instant reading. Borrow up to eight items a month with Hoopla. And for the graphic novels, there’s a unique feature called “action view” which allows you to go in and out of full screen of a single frame with a simple click or tap on the panel.

Intrigued but not sure how to get started? Our staff is happy to talk you through the steps and show you how to use Hoopla as well as any of our other digital services.

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