What Movies Get You in the Holiday Spirit?

November 30th, 2009

Holiday traditions are vital to drumming up holiday spirit.  For me and my family, one of the most crucial is the mandatory viewing of certain films.  Like special holiday foods or decorations, these movies are carefully squirreled away until the frantic end of year draws near.  Then, we dig them out from their dusty hidey-holes and view them with copious quantities of eggnog, cookies and other treats, thinking, “Ahhhh…… the holidays are here.”  Somehow, the season doesn’t feel quite right without them.  So, what’s on my viewing list?

1.    It’s a Wonderful Life (1947) – A great movie for percolating warm, fuzzy feelings and remembering what the season is all about.

2.    Elf (2003) – We’ve watched this one so many times that I know the lines by heart.  And what other film has a narwhal as a character?

3.    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) and A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) – Pair these together for a high-dose nostalgia injection of holiday cheer.

4.    Home for the Holidays (1995) – This film gets my vote for funniest holiday flick.  Poor Holly Hunter goes home to see her dysfunctional family, creating many cynical and hilariously awkward moments.

5.    The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (1966 cartoon version) – Boris Karloff has an awesome voice and I always get a little bit teary when the Whos in Whoville all hold hands and sing.

6.    A Christmas Carol (1999) – Patrick Stewart makes a great Scrooge in this Dickens classic and it always makes me want to try steamed figgy pudding.

Click here to see a list of holiday movies you can check out from Cecil County Public Library.  And tell us – what movies do you watch to get in the holiday spirit?

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