Romance Readers Going Digital

November 9th, 2018

Romance readers everywhere are coming across a new trend that can make finding new books a little harder: more and more romance authors are publishing titles only as eBooks that you have to download and read on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Why is this happening? The romance industry is finding that more and more people are reading their books exclusively on devices, and therefore authors are continuing to publish their books in print, but are supplementing with digital-only titles as well.

If you are an avid reader like me and have been trying to find a way to read all the eBooks – I have your solution! Hoopla, one of the apps Cecil County Public Library provides to all library users, has an incredible selection of romance eBooks! They have everything from historical romance, to contemporary romance, to westerns, and any genres in between.

A few of my recommendations are “Blackmoore” by Julianne Donaldson, “When a Scot Ties the Knot” by Tessa Dare, or “The Accidental Guardian” by Mary Connealy.

Unsure about downloading and reading e-books? Come in to any of our libraries and we can show you how to download the app, or access the website, and then you can start reading immediately!

One of the best features of an eBook—in addition to its always being with you on your phone or e-reader—is the ability to change text size or the brightness of the screen, so you really can read in any situation.

To check out the selection on Hoopla, sign up with you library card and pin on our website.

Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash

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How an Audiobook is Made

March 19th, 2018

audiobookHave you ever wondered how an audiobook is made?

Not all print books have an audio counterpart—but if they do, it’s because it’s in the contract. Audiobook popularity is expanding with Audiobook Publishers Association reporting a 33.9% increase in 2017. So there is a good chance that a print book will become an audiobook.

After the publisher decides to produce an audiobook, they select an audiobook narrator, usually an actor with a background in acting, singing, or voiceover work who has been trained in pacing and clarity when speaking. Each actor has a different process to prepare, but most audiobook actors will read through the book to determine the tone of the book, and to learn about the different characters and determine what each character will sound like.

According to Audible, it takes around six hours for a producer to complete one hour of an audiobook.  It usually takes two hours in the studio for the narrator to finish one hour of the book. And then, after that, an editor usually takes three hours to edit the hour. This can include cutting out pauses or breathing between sentences—the process is called “debreath.”

As the demand for more comprehensive digital collections grows, Cecil County Public Library offers digital audiobooks that can be streamed on your phone with apps like Libby from OverDrive, Hoopla Digital, and RBdigital. There are numerous benefits to using a digital audiobook—you can keep multiple books checked out, and switch between them with ease. For instance, you may have a book you listen to with your kids in the car, but then when you drop them off, you switch to yours.

Stop by any of our local branches to pursue our collections of audiobooks on CD. Or, if you’d prefer to listen on your smart phone or tablet, download Libby by OverDrive, Hoopla, or RB Digital, to view our digital audiobook collection. For more information, visit–ebooks/ or speak with staff at any of our locations for help downloading and navigating the digital collection.


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