Read full copies of magazines on your computer, smartphone, or tablet! Choose from many popular titles for kids, teens and adults with no holds and no limits.

Please note: We recently updated CCPL's Zinio content to make room for some new titles and discontinue less popular titles.  You can see a list of our current subscriptions. In addition to downloadable Zinio titles, CCPL also carries a wide selection of magazines and newspapers in our physical branches.

Setting Up Your Account

To get free magazines with your Cecil County Public Library card, you will need to set up two accounts.

First, you must set up a CCPL-Zinio account to check out free magazines available through the library. Second, you'll need to set up a Zinio.com account to read the magazines. Zinio.com also offers magazines for sale, but all magazines through the CCPL-Zinio site are free.

  1. Click here to go to our CCPL-Zinio page. Create a new account.

  2. Browse our titles and click on a magazine that interests you. When the magazine window opens, click "Complete Checkout."

  3. After you check out the magazine, a new window will pop up at Zinio.com. Create a free Zinio.com account and use the same username and password you used to set up your CCPL-Zinio account.  To opt out of offer emails from Zinio, uncheck the email offer box in the account sign up form.

  4. Click on the magazine to read it in your browser - it may take a few seconds to download the magazine. If you want to check out more magazines, make sure to go back to CCPL's Zinio page.

  5. You can also read your checked out magazines through a Zinio Reader app.  Note: You cannot check out magazines from within the Zinio Reader App.  Return to your CCPL Zinio account using your Web browser to check out additional magazines.

zinio instructions screenshots

Details about Zinio

Zinio provides a program for both Windows 8 and Mac to download your magazines to your computer so you can continue reading them without being online. Just install the program, sign in, and let the program download your checked out magazines.

The program is just for reading your magazines. If you want to check out additional issues, please go back to CCPL's Zinio page and check out more magazines.

Zinio Apps

The Zinio app is available for:

Once you download the app, just sign in and click on the blue open book symbol to access your checked out magazines.

The app is just for reading your magazines. If you want to check out additional issues, you need to go back to CCPL's Zinio webpage.

Need Help?

Click here to submit a support request to the company that hosts Zinio, or stop by any CCPL branch for assistance.