ebooks for all

Limiting access to new eBooks for libraries means limiting access for readers like you.

Starting November 1, Macmillan Publishers, which includes authors such as Nora Roberts and Louise Penny, will limit libraries to buying one copy of a new eBook for 8 weeks.

Beyond increased wait times for new titles, why is this important?

  • Only those who can afford to buy these new titles will have immediate access.
  • Those who rely on eBooks rather than print, due to visual challenges or learning difficulties, will have fewer alternatives to access these titles.
  • Authors, who depend on libraries for discovery of their titles, will be cut off from readers while their book is new.

Libraries already pay 4-5 times as much as consumers to provide our patrons access to eBooks. Access for all is one of our core values.  This new publisher policy adds another barrier to fulfilling our mission.

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