Learn languages for free through your library! 


Rosetta Stone is available on your smartphone, tablet, or Kindle Fire as well as on your PC. After you download the app, go to http://db.sailor.lib.md.us/db/ebsco/rst/ceci using the web browser of your smartphone, tablet, or Kindle Fire. (The browser could be called Internet, Safari, Chrome, Silk, or Firefox.) You can then create an account and start learning your new language!

If you would like to change languages, log out and return to http://db.sailor.lib.md.us/db/ebsco/rst/ceci to select your new language.

Beginning in March 2017, Rosetta Stone will no longer support browser versions older than Internet Explorer 11 and will only support the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

If you have the ability to update your browser personally, the following resources are available to help:

If you have questions about updating your browser, please contact the CCPL webmaster.