Details about Wild Women of Maryland: Grit and Gumption in the Free State

The daring women of Maryland made their mark on history as spies, would-be queens and fiery suffragettes. Sarah Wilson escaped indentured servitude in Frederick by impersonating the queen's sister. In Cumberland, Sallie Pollock smuggled letters for top Confederate officials. Baltimore journalist Marguerite Harrison snuck into Russia to report conditions there after World War I. From famous figures like Harriet Tubman to unsung heroines like "Lady Law" Violet Hill Whyte, author Lauren R. Silberman introduces Maryland's most tenacious and adventurous women.


Lisa Petrecca

Posted April 30, 2018

Wild Women of Maryland explores the courageous encounters of women from Maryland, known as emblazoned as pioneers, who fought to break down societal expectations, and created a passion for progress for women of the future.

Silberman highlights the m…

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Women's History Month Posted February 27, 2018


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