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Details about In defense of food : an eater's manifesto
"Food. There's plenty of it around, and we all love to eat it. So why should anyone need to defend it?" "Because most of what we're consuming today is not food, and how we're consuming it - in the car, in front of the TV, and increasingly alone - is not really eating. Instead of food, we're consuming "edible foodlike substances" - no longer the products of nature but of food science. Many of them come packaged with health claims that should be our first clue they are anything but healthy. In the so-called Western diet, food has been replaced by nutrients, and common sense by confusion. The result is what Michael Pollan calls the American paradox: The more we worry about nutrition, the less healthy we seem to become." "In Defense of Food shows us how, despite the daunting dietary landscape Americans confront in the modern supermarket, we can escape the Western diet and, by doing so, most of the chronic diseases that diet causes. We can relearn which foods are healthy, develop simple ways to moderate our appetites, and return eating to its proper context - out of the car and back to the table."--BOOK JACKET.


Food Writing (Nonfiction) Posted April 22, 2009
Best Books of the Decade Posted March 5, 2010


mgPosted March 18, 2009

Pollan is the best nonfiction writer around and he is right on the mark in this book. On the cover it summerizes what he wants us to know: eat food, mostly plants, not too much. He knows what he's talking about.

ReynoldsPosted March 26, 2009

More people need to read this book. It's about how the psuedo-science of nutritionism has been awarded far too great an influence on issues of food and "food stuff". Some of Pollan's advice: if your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize it, you probably shouldn't eat it. Also, when shopping at the grocery store, stick to the outer ring of the store, i.e. the produce, the meats and dairy and avoided pre-packaged, highly processed foods. It doesn't have to be complicated to eat well and Pollan shows how important it is for us as humans and for our nation as a whole.

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