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Details about The enemy
In the wake of a devastating disease, everyone sixteen and older is either dead or a decomposing, brainless creature with a ravenous appetite for flesh. Teens have barricaded themselves in buildings throughout London and venture outside only when they need to scavenge for food. The group of kids living a Waitrose supermarket is beginning to run out of options. When a mysterious traveler arrives and offers them safe haven at Buckingham Palace, they begin a harrowing journey across London. But their fight is far from over?the threat from within the palace is as real as the one outside it. Full of unexpected twists and quick-thinking heroes, The Enemy is a fast-paced, white-knuckle tale of survival in the face of unimaginable horror.


Jessa Gillis

Posted December 2, 2014

I'll admit it: even when I'm peeking between my fingers or yelling at the television, I love "The Walking Dead." The midseason finale had me on the edge of my couch, and when it was over, I thought, "What will I do until the next episode?" Fortunatel…

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