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Details about Doctor Proctor's fart powder
Nilly is new to the neighborhood, but is quick to make friends: Doctor Proctor, an eccentric profess? and Lisa, who is teased by the twin terrors Truls and Trym. Nilly and Lisa help Doctor Proctor develop his latest invention, a powder that makes you fart. The powder makes Nilly and Lisa VERY popular at school when they sell it for fifty cents a bag. And they get revenge on Truls and Trym by giving them an extra-strength dose of fart powder that shoots them up into a tree! It's all good farty fun. That is, until someone steals the industrial-strength fart powder. Now Dr. Proctor's ticket to fame is in the hands of an enemy with evil intentions.?


Humor for Grades 5-8 (SPARK) Posted May 22, 2013
Boy Reads for Grades 5-8 (SPARK) Posted May 24, 2013


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