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Details about The baby cookbook

Newly revised for the 1990s, The Baby Cookbook is the final word on infant nutrition. In addition to hundreds of wonderful recipes, it includes vital new information on vitamin requirements, allergies, childhood obesity, nursing, introducing solids, and balancing meals. It also features all the facts on the health benefits and risks of milk, eggs, salt, fluoride, and complete and incomplete proteins. The Baby Cookbook also includes the author's personal journal of experiences feeding and raising her own baby. Knight's journal takes some of the fear out of raising a baby by showing parents what to expect (and beware of) in feeding their own infants and toddlers. And, of course, there are the recipes. All of the more than 250 recipesnearly 100 of them new for this edition -- have been designed to be low in sodium, contain almost no sugar, and generally encourage good eating habits. Best of all, most of the meals in this book can be shared by the whole family. There's Chicken Fricassee, Seafood Chowder, Cheese Enchiladas, Baked Potatoes with Salmon Sauce, Barbecued Ribs, and much, much more, including Homemade Apple Pie. We are not talking strained peas. The Baby Cookbook is a complete guide to cooking for your family -- from ovens and stove tops to microwaves and crockpots. Finally, it's possible for working parents to prepare quick and easy meals for their children without sacrificing taste, variety, or nutrition.


Healthy Lunch Box Posted September 11, 2009


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