Details about My grandfather's coat

A rollicking, rhyming, fun rendition of a favourite folksong about a many-times recycled coat. When my grandfather came to America he made himself a handsome coat! Then he wore it and he wore it and he wore it-- until it was all worn out! So what did he do? He snipped and he clipped-- and he stitched and he sewed . . . and out of the still-good cloth of his coat-- he made himself a smart jacket! Jim Aylesworth's satisfying retelling and Barbara McClintock's heart-warming pictures celebrate how Grandfather cleverly recycles his beloved coat through four generations.


Susan Newstead

Posted June 30, 2015

My Grandfather's Coat is the retelling of "I Had a Little Overcoat", the lovely Yiddish folksong. Told by the grandson, this version starts with the grandfather immigrating to America as a boy. Passing through Ellis Island, he works hard and learns t…

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