• Details about Zoo [videorecording]

    Zoo [videorecording]

    McIvor, Colin

    Based on a true story, twelve-year-old Tom and his misfit friends fight to save Buster the baby elephant during the air raids on Belfast in 1941.…more

  • Details about Westworld: Season 2 [videorecording]

    Westworld: Season 2 [videorecording]

    Nolan, Jonathan

    Welcome back to Westworld, where the puppet show is over and the newly liberated 'hosts' are coming for humankind. In Season Two, Dolores takes charge, Maeve is on a mission and the Man in Black is back. Chaos takes control in this dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness, the birth of a new form of life, and the evolution of sin.…more

  • Details about Delicious: Series 2 [videorecording]

    Delicious: Series 2 [videorecording]

    Sefton, Dan

    It's been almost a year since the sudden death of philandering chef Leo Vincent, but his presence at the Penrose Hotel is more palpable than ever. His ex-wife, Gina, and widow, Sam, have the business, but they continue to have professional and personal disagreements.…more

  • Details about Support the Girls [videorecording]

    Support the Girls [videorecording]

    Bujalski, Andrew

    Lisa is the last person some would expect to find in a highway-side 'sports bar with curves,' but as general manager at Double Whammies, she has come to love the place and its customers. An incurable den mother, she nurtures and protects her girls fiercely, but over the course of one trying day, her optimism is battered from every direction. Double Whammies sells a big, weird American fantasy, but what happens when reality pokes a bunch of holes in it?…more

  • Details about Love, Cecil : the life of legendary photographer Cecil Beaton [videorecording]

    Love, Cecil : the life of legendary photographer Cecil Beaton [videorecording]

    Lisa Immordino Vreeland directs this documentary about Academy Award-winning costume designer Cecil Beaton. A respected photographer, artist and set designer, Beaton was best known for designing on award winning films such as "Gigi" (1958) and "My Fair Lady" (1964). The film features archive footage and interviews with a number of models, artists and filmmakers who worked closely with Beaton during his illustrious career.…more

  • Details about 15: a Quinceanera Story [videorecording]

    15: a Quinceanera Story [videorecording]

    Dorsey, Xochitl

    A "quinceanera" is a coming-of-age celebration for a Latina girl's fifteenth birthday, marking her transition from girl to woman. For many American Latina teenagers, it is an event that means much more, allowing the girls to embrace their chosen identities while still honoring their cultures, traditions and, most of all, the families who have sacrificed so much to give them a good life in the U.S.…more

  • Details about Qi Gong for Headaches [videorecording]

    Qi Gong for Headaches [videorecording]

    Cox, Benjamin

    Looking for a headache solution outside a pill bottle? Consider trying qi gong exercises. With the ability to help relieve tension, boost circulation, and calm the mind, qi gong can be a powerful and natural remedy for headaches.…more