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Books From the Bottom Shelf

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Created by Monica Shine
  • Details about The seventy great journeys in history

    The seventy great journeys in history

    edited by Robin Hanbury-Tenison.

    The adventurous stories of the greatest explorers in history, illustrated with hundreds of evocative portraits, photographs, paintings, and maps. Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, David Livingstone, Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong: these are some of the greatest travelers of all time. This book chronicles their stories and many more, describing epic voyages of discovery and exploration, from the extraordinary migrations out of Africa by our earliest ancestors to the latest voyages into space. In an……more

  • Details about The devil's bed

    The devil's bed

    William Kent Krueger.

    The creator of the critically acclaimed, award-winning Cork O'Connor mystery series presents a haunting, atmospheric conspiracy thriller.Locked in a tight battle for reelection, President Clay Dixon knows his best chance for victory is the popularity of his wife, Kate. But the disenchanted First Lady is about to desert him.When an orchard accident seriously injures Kate's father, a retired senator and former vice president, she returns to the family farm in Minnesota to be at his side. Assigned ……more

  • Details about Fundamentals of photography : the essential handbook for both digital and film cameras

    Fundamentals of photography : the essential handbook for both digital and film cameras

    Tom Ang.

    This basic handbook on photography fundamentals uses hundreds of stunning color images to define aesthetic concepts as capturing and manipulating light, establishing composition and using color, and also provides practical information on camera features and how to process the image. Editor Ang has written several books on digital photography in the past, but this is the rare volume that addresses both film and digital mediums equally. Tips for editing, filtering and diagnosing film and processin……more

  • Details about Returning to earth

    Returning to earth

    Jim Harrison.

    Jim Harrison is one of our most beloved authors, about whom The New York Times Book Review has written, "There is a singular comfort in knowing, on the first page of a novel, that you are in the hands of a master ... who makes the ordinary extraordinary, the unnamable unforgettable." In Returning to Earth. Harrison has delivered a masterpiece--a tender, profound, and magnificent novel about life, death, and finding redemption in sometimes unlikely places. Donald is a middle-aged Chippewa-Finnish……more

  • Details about Keeping the world away : a novel

    Keeping the world away : a novel

    Margaret Forster.

    A classic Margaret Forster novel with the same satisfying appeal as her bestsellingDiary of an Ordinary Woman— the story of an actual early 20th century painting and its fictional adventures through the century and of the women whose lives it touches.…more

  • Details about The glass of time : the secret life of Miss Esperanza Gorst

    The glass of time : the secret life of Miss Esperanza Gorst

    narrated by Herself ; Michael Cox.

    Like its "beguiling" and "intelligent" ( New York Times Book Review ) predecessor, The Glass of Time is a page turning period mystery about identity, the nature of secrets, and what happens when past obsessions impose themselves on an unwilling present. In the autumn of 1876, nineteen year-old orphan Esperanza Gorst arrives at the great country house of Evenwood to become a lady's maid to the twenty-sixth Baroness Tansor. But Esperanza is no ordinary servant. She has been sent by her guardian, t……more

  • Details about Swallow the ocean : a memoir

    Swallow the ocean : a memoir

    Laura M. Flynn.

    Charismatic, beautiful Sally Flynn was the center of her daughters' imaginations, particularly Laura's. Without warning, life as they knew it changed as paranoid schizophrenia overtook Sally. Whether it was accusing Laura’s father of trying to win her over to the side of Satan, or buying only certain products that were evil-free, glimmers of her mother’s future paranoia grew brighter as Laura’s early years passed. Once her husband left the family and filed for divorce, Sally&rs……more

  • Details about Hocus pocus

    Hocus pocus

    Kurt Vonnegut.

    Hocus Pocus is the fictional autobiography of a West Point graduate who was in charge of the humiliating evacuation of U.S. personnel from the Saigon rooftops at the close of the Vietnam War. Returning home from the war, he unknowingly fathered an illegitimate son. In 2001, the son begins a search for his father and catches up with him just in time to see him arrested for masterminding the prison break of 10,000 convicts. Using his famous brand of satire and wit, Vonnegut captures twenty-first c……more

  • Details about From shmear to eternity : the only book of Yiddish you'll ever need

    From shmear to eternity : the only book of Yiddish you'll ever need

    Fred Kogos.

    Yiddish is an incredibly colourful language, spoken by more than 10 million people worldwide. And, like so many other languages, Yiddish has woven itself into everyday culture. A passport to the wonderful maxims, proverbs, colloquialisms, curses and ribald expressions that have been faithfully passed down in Yiddish through the ages, From Schmear To Eternity contains an extensive Yiddish-English and English-Yiddish dictionary, essential Jewish words and key phrases and even 1001 Yiddish proverbs……more

  • Details about The vanished hands

    The vanished hands

    Robert Wilson.

    Robert Wilson is back with the follow-up to his sensational thriller, The Blind Man of Seville. Javier Falcn has been through therapy and is in the process of breaking free of the psychological damage sustained during his last major investigation. Called to the scene of a suspicious suicide in a wealthy neighborhood on the outskirts of Seville, he begins to investigate a case with no solid evidence when suddenly, in quick succession, two more suicides occur-one of them a fellow police officer in……more

  • Details about Crime scene Golgotha : revisiting the most famous crime scene in history

    Crime scene Golgotha : revisiting the most famous crime scene in history

    Ian Wilson.

    Crime Scene Golgothaapproaches Jesus's crucifiction from the perspecitive of a crime scene investigator: What do we know is fact? What can be historically documented? What can we deduce may have happened?nbsp; nbsp; Takingnbsp;the popular CSInbsp;television dramas as inspiration,Crime Scene Golgothais a direct reaction to Mel Gibson's much talked about movienbsp;The Passion of the Christ. nbsp;Ian Wilson systematically outlines what is known for sure about Jesus’s trial and crucifixion, as……more

  • Details about Duchess of Aquitaine : a novel of Eleanor

    Duchess of Aquitaine : a novel of Eleanor

    Margaret Ball.

    The beautiful, brilliant daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine, Eleanor grows up in one of Europes most dazzling courts, the birthplace of courtly love. In 1137, she is only 15 when her father dies suddenly, leaving her heir to the richest province in Franceand an irresistible prize for the first baron who rides in to kidnap her and seize her lands. While his advisers condemn it as madness to expose Eleanor to such danger, the duke is convinced that beyond her youth and loveliness lie the brains of ……more

  • Details about Brutal journey the epic story of the first crossing of North America

    Brutal journey the epic story of the first crossing of North America

    Paul Schneider

    A gripping account of four explorers adrift in an unknown land and the harrowing journey that took them across North America 270 years before Lewis and Clark One part "Heart of Darkness," one part Lewis and Clark, "Brutal Journey" tells the story of a group of explorers who came to the new world on the heels of Corte s; bound for glory, only four of four hundred would survive. Eight years and some five thousand miles later, three Spaniards and a black Moroccan wandered out of the wilderness to t……more