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Rainy Days

  • Details about 100 Things You Should Know About Weather

    100 Things You Should Know About Weather

    Clare Oliver ; consultant, Clive Carpenter

    100 Things You Should Know series opens up to children the fascinating world of science. Children will gain a valuable appreciation of the basics of science and its impact on their world, as well as seeing science at work firsthand, in simple experiments and activities. Detailed artwork illustrates more complex topics, helping children to absorb information with ease. Exactly 100 numbered facts will challenge children, acting as an incentive as they make their way through each book, while hilari……more

  • Details about Rain Play

    Rain Play

    Cynthia Cotten ; illustrated by Javaka Steptoe.

    Here it comes! Cool drops splash down, scattering the grown-ups. But the children love romping in the rain, until—BOOM! nbsp; This joyous, rhyming poem captures the many delights of a rainy day.…more

  • Details about One Rainy Day

    One Rainy Day

    written and illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev

    Why is Pig all wet? Did he get caught in the rain? No, he found shelter under a great big tree. But then a mouse joined him, and then two porcupines, three buffaloes, and so on, until there were enough animals under that tree to fill a zoo! But there was room for everyone, so why is Pig dripping wet? Goat thinks he knows . . . but young readers will be tickled to find out that the answer is not what they expect! By the creator of Where Is the Apple Pie?…more

  • Details about Drip, Drop

    Drip, Drop

    story by Sarah Weeks ; pictures by Jane Manning

    Drip! Drop! Plip! Plop! "Oh, no!" cried Pip Squeak. "I've got a leak!" A nighttime rainstorm sends Pip Squeak scrambling to catch the drips pouring through his leaky roof. But the drops just won't stop, and soon it's wetter inside the house than out! Sarah Weeks's spirited story and Jane Manning's dazzling pictures will delight beginning readers as they follow Pip Squeak's comic adventure to the very last drop!…more

  • Details about Rain Romp: Stomping Away a Grouchy Day

    Rain Romp: Stomping Away a Grouchy Day

    by Jane Kurtz ; pictures by Dyanna Wolcott

    On a gray day the heroine of this book feels every bit as grouchy as the cloudy, rainy, windy sky outside her bedroom window. There is no way that her all-too-cheerful Mom and Dad are going to convince her to get out of bed. Or is there? How do you transform a stormy mood into a sunny one? This clever story holds the secret: a stomping, romping, wild dance that can make you feel like yourself again -- and ready at last for smiles and giggles with the people who really do understand you after all……more

  • Details about Hayley the Rain Fairy

    Hayley the Rain Fairy

    by Daisy Meadows ; illustrated by Georgie Ripper

    In this final book in the series, Rachel and Kirsty have only one magic feather left to find, and it belongs to Hayley the Rain Fairy. But with a flood in full flow, will they ever reach it?…more

  • Details about The Rainstick: A Fable

    The Rainstick: A Fable

    by Sandra Chisholm Robinson ; illustrations by Peter Grosshauser

    Riddles, myths, history, traditions, and an ancient sound of West Africa are the inspiration behind this book. Published in cooperation with Project WET (Water Education for Teachers).…more

  • Details about The Berry Big Storm

    The Berry Big Storm

    by Megan E. Bryant ; illustrated by Margo Querol and Celestino Santanach

    There is a berry big storm in Strawberryland! It rains too much. The River Fudge floods. Huckleberry Pie needs help! Can Strawberry Shortcake save the day?…more

  • Details about Come On, Rain

    Come On, Rain

    by Karen Hesse ; pictures by Jon J. Muth

    Newbery Medalist Karen Hesse recreates the body and soul-renewing experience of a summer downpour after a sweltering city heat wave. Lyrically written and lovingly illustrated." - School Library Journal "Hesse?s language is a quiet, elegant surge.... Muth contributes fine watercolor atmospherics." - Kirkus Reviews…more

  • Details about Kipper's Rainy Day

    Kipper's Rainy Day

    based on the books by Mick Inkpen

    Who loves to play in the rain with Kipper? Frogs in the pond? Pigs on the farm? The cat in the tree? Lift the flaps to see!…more

  • Details about The Umbrella

    The Umbrella

    Jan Brett

    A walk through the Costa Rican cloud forest provides a wonderfully lush setting for Jan Brett's beloved animal illustrations. When Carlos drops his umbrella to climb a tree for a better view of the animals, they all cram into the banana-leaf umbrella as it floats by--from the little tree frog to the baby tapir to the big jaguar and more. It gets so crowded in the umbrella that there isn't even enough room for a little hummingbird! So over the umbrella tumbles, everyone falls out, and poor Carlos……more

  • Details about A Rainy Day

    A Rainy Day

    by Sandra Markle ; illustrated by Cathy Johnson

    Examines simple scientific concepts by observing the effect of raindrops on puddles, the sky, animals, and the surrounding landscape on a rainy day.…more