Military Families

  • Details about Military Animals

    Military Animals

    a buddy book by Julie Murray

    Discusses how humans and animals work together in the military.…more

  • Details about Daddy's in Iraq But I Want Him Back!

    Daddy's in Iraq But I Want Him Back!

    Carmen R. Hoyt

    True story of three-year-old Jack and his Daddy's deployment to the War in Iraq. Written for small children to view a beginning, middle and end to these deployments.…more

  • Details about Extra Credit

    Extra Credit

    Andrew Clements; illustrations by Mark Elliott

    FOR:  Grade schoolers. The "New York Times"-bestselling author of "Frindle" pens a novel about a young girl in the sixth grade who corresponds with children in Afghanistan, and the discoveries they make about their communities and themselves. Illustrations.…more

  • Details about I Miss You!: A Military Kid's Book About Deployment

    I Miss You!: A Military Kid's Book About Deployment

    Beth Andrews; illustrated by Hawley Wright

    Based on many years of experience as a social worker, who has assisted military families experiencing stress. An excellent tool for allowing children and their loved ones to deal with the many emotions caused by deployment.…more

  • Details about The War in Afghanistan

    The War in Afghanistan

    by Raymond H. Miller

    The first military battleground in the War on Terrorism was Afghanistan, whose repressive Islamist Taliban regime harbored and supported Osama bin Laden and the terrorist training camps of al-Qaeda. The War in Afghanistan clearly describes the opposing forces in this conflict, the bombing campaign and ground fighting that toppled the Afghan regime, and the hunt for bin Laden and his terrorist guerrillas in their mountain strongholds.…more

  • Details about Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle

    Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle

    Brian Dennis, Kirby Larson, Mary Nethery

    Nubs, an Iraqi dog of war, never had a home or a person of his own. He was the leader of a pack of wild dogs living off the land and barely surviving. But Nubs's life changed when he met Marine Major Brian Dennis. The two formed a fast friendship, made stronger by Dennis's willingness to share his meals, offer a warm place to sleep, and give Nubs the kind of care and attention he had never received before. Nubs became part of Dennis's human "pack" until duty required the Marines to relocate a fu……more

  • Details about Captain Cat

    Captain Cat

    by Syd Hoff

    A cat makes friends with a soldier and learns about military life when he joins the army.…more

  • Details about Stars Above Us

    Stars Above Us

    by Geoffrey Norman; illustrated by E.B. Lewis

    A little girl and her soldier father find a way to be close even when he's away at war, in this affecting, beautifully illustrated narrative that is tailor-made for children who've ever lived without a parent. Full color.…more

  • Details about The Impossible Patriotism Project

    The Impossible Patriotism Project

    by Linda Skeers; pictures by Ard Hoyt

    Caleb?s class is making projects that represent patriotism to display at Parents? Night. Molly dresses up like the Statue of Liberty and Kareem draws a map of the United States. But Caleb can?t think of a single way to show what patriotism means to him. Besides, his dad can?t even come to Parents? Night because he is far away, serving as a soldier. Then, when Caleb really starts thinking about his dad and what he is doing for the country, inspiration finally strikes!Here is a book that celebrate……more

  • Details about My Red Balloon

    My Red Balloon

    by Eve Bunting; illustrated by Kay Life

    A boy who has been waiting for his daddy to come home from overseas takes along something very important: his red balloon, which will help his father find him among the crowd at the pier. As the ship his daddy is on approaches the harbor, the boy loses his grip on the red balloon. Will his daddy find him in the crowd? Full color.…more

  • Details about Mommy, You're My Hero!

    Mommy, You're My Hero!

    written and illustrated by Michelle Ferguson-Cohen

    Books for Children coping with the deployment of a parent in the military or public service.…more

  • Details about Night Catch

    Night Catch

    Brenda Ehrmantraut; illustrated by Vicki Wehrman

    When a soldier's work takes him half-way around the world he enlists the help fo the North Star for a nightly game of catch with his son. Night Catch is a timeless story that connects families while they are apart and offers comforting hope for their reunion. 32 pp. illustrated hardcover.…more

  • Details about While You Are Away

    While You Are Away

    Eileen Spinelli

    Three children anticipate happy reunions with their parents, who are on active military duty abroad.…more