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Summer Fun

  • Details about It's Summer!

    It's Summer!

    by Linda Glaser; illustrated by Susan Swan

    A child observes the coming of summer and its effects on the weather, animals, and plants. Includes suggestions for summertime activities to enjoy alone or with a parent.…more

  • Details about The Jellybeans and the Big Camp Kickoff

    The Jellybeans and the Big Camp Kickoff

    by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans ; illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

    The Jellybeans are off to summer camp to enjoy ghost stories around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, and swimming in the lake. Each girl finds her own favorite activity: Emily goes to the dance studio, Bitsy does arts and crafts, and Anna reads about nature. But Nicole can't find anything that's just right for her. So she decides to start a soccer team and teach her friends her favorite game. Will the Jellybeans be able to win the big match against a neighboring camp? Once again, the girls u……more

  • Details about The Friendly Four

    The Friendly Four

    by Eloise Greenfield; illustrations by Jan Spivey Gilchrist

    THE FRIENDLY FOUR Celebrate summer with Coretta Scott King Award winners Eloise Greenfield and Jan Spivey Gilchrist! Drum: Didn't I call this summer a bummer? All: Not anymore, not anymore. Drum: I was alone, and life was lonely. All: But not anymore, Drum: 'cause we're the Friendly Four! When Drum, Dorene, Louis, and Rae enter one another's lives unexpectedly, they embark on an unforgettable summer of discovery and creative play together. With individual poems and poems for multiple voices, Elo……more

  • Details about Summer Trouble

    Summer Trouble

    by Jonny Zucker; illustrated by Paul Savage

    Tom thinks his summer will be ruined when his cousin visits.…more

  • Details about Alex's Challenge

    Alex's Challenge

    by Melissa J. Morgan

    It's Alex Kim's fourth year at Camp Lakeview, so there's nothing mysteriousabout her. Everyone knows that she's a star athlete and an all-around leader, and if they don't, never-shy Alex will be more than happy to fill them in. But Alex is holding something back this summer, and her friends are beginning to notice. Can they figure out what's been bothering their friend before the summer ends?…more

  • Details about It's Vacation Time

    It's Vacation Time

    by Lerryn Korda

    Imagination goes a long way when four friends play together -- even when they stay close to home -- in a fresh, enticing story for preschoolers. Summer is here, and Little Nye is making icepops to take on vacation. Nella is stuffing too much in a suitcase, and Lester offers to remove some things to lighten the load. Out go toys for beach games, flippers and masks for paddling, and more. But why won't the suitcase shut now? Good thing that rubber raft is really all they need for their journey -- ……more

  • Details about Summer Pony

    Summer Pony

    by Jean Slaughter Doty ; illustrated by Ruth Sanderson.

    Ginny has always dreamed of having her very own pony, so when her parents agree to rent her a pony for the summer, Ginny is thrilled! But when Mokey arrives, she is shaggy, dirty, and half-starved-not at all what Ginny had in mind. Can Ginny still have the summer of her dreams?…more

  • Details about Summer Camp Secrets

    Summer Camp Secrets

    by Katy Grant

    After spending one summer at Camp Pine Haven, three girls' lives will never be the same. This collection contains "Pranked, Acting Out," and "Friends ForNever."…more

  • Details about Lunch Lady and the Summer Camp Shakedown

    Lunch Lady and the Summer Camp Shakedown

    Jarrett J. Krosoczka.

    Lunch Lady and the Breakfast Bunch kids are looking forward to a relaxing summer vacation with no funny business. What evils could befall them at summer camp? Of course, there is the legendary swamp monster. Stories say he haunts the camp at night. But that's just a legend. Or is it? Once again, Dee, Hector, and Terrence must help Lunch Lady prevail against a secret enemy!…more

  • Details about Werewolves Don't Go To Summer Camp

    Werewolves Don't Go To Summer Camp

    by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones ; illustrated by John Steven Gurney

    The hugely popular early chapter book series re-emerges with a new look! Brand-new eye-catching cover art brings a modern feel to this classic monster series for young readers. The new director at Camp Lone Wolf seems like a nice guy. But when the kids learn the legend of a local boy who disappeared and the wolf that prowls the campgrounds howling in the night, they start to wonder if Camp Lone Wolf is more than just a name. Mr. Jenkins is covered in hair, eats his meat almost raw, and has an ob……more

  • Details about Summer Birds: the Butterflies of Maria Merian

    Summer Birds: the Butterflies of Maria Merian

    by Margarita Engle; illustrations by Julie Paschkis

    In the Middle Ages, people believed that insects were evil, born from mud in a process called spontaneous generation. Maria Merian was only a child, but she disagreed. She watched carefully as caterpillars spun themselves cocoons, which opened to reveal summer birds, or butterflies and moths. Maria studied the whole life cycle of the summer birds, and documented what she learned in vibrant paintings. This is the story of one young girl who took the time to observe and learn, and in so doing disp……more