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Magic, Space and Swords: Over 100 Years of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

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Created by Matthew Lowder
  • Details about Journey to the Center of the Earth

    Journey to the Center of the Earth

    retold from the Jules Verne original by Kathleen Olmstead; illustrated by Eric Freeberg

    "Go down the crater of the volcano Snaefells. Follow the shadow just before the month of July. You will find your way to the center of the Earth. I did it." That mysterious message, found in a long-lost letter, propels a young man and his uncle on the adventure of a lifetime: to a prehistoric world below the earth where dinosaurs and other strange creatures still roam. Jules Verne's classic fantasy will enchant a new generation of readers.…more

  • Details about The time machine: an invention

    The time machine: an invention

    [by] H. G. Wells; with an introduction and notes by Keith Nettle.

    When the Time Traveller courageously stepped out of his machine for the first time, he found himself in the year 802,700--and everything has changed.  In another, more utopian age, creatures seemed to dwell together in perfect harmony.  The Time Traveller thought he could study these marvelous beings--unearth their secret and then retum to his own time--until he discovered that his invention, his only avenue of escape, had been stolen.  H.G. Well's famous novel of o……more

  • Details about Foundation ; Foundation and empire ; Second foundation

    Foundation ; Foundation and empire ; Second foundation

    Isaac Asimov ; with an introduction by Michael Dirda.

    Isaac Asimov#x19;s seminal Foundation trilogy-one of the cornerstones of modern speculative fiction-in a single hardcover volume.It is the saga of the Galactic Empire, crumbling after twelve thousand years of rule. And it is the particular story of psychohistorian Hari Seldon, the only man who can see the horrors the future has in store-a dark age of ignorance, barbarism, and violence that will last for thirty thousand years. Gathering a band of courageous men and women, Seldon leads them to a h……more

  • Details about Neuromancer


    William Gibson ; with a new introduction by the author ; with an afterword by Jack Womack.

    SPECIAL 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION --THE MOST IMPORTANT AND INFLUENTIAL SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL OF THE PAST TWO DECADESTwenty years ago, it was as if someone turned on a light. The future blazed into existence with each deliberate word that William Gibson laid down. The winner of Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Awards, Neuromancerdidn't just explode onto the science fiction scene--it permeated into the collective consciousness, culture, science, and technology.Today, there is only one science ficti……more

  • Details about Ender's game

    Ender's game

    Orson Scott Card.

    Winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards In order to develop a secure defense against a hostile alien race's next attack, government agencies breed child geniuses and train them as soldiers. A brilliant young boy, Andrew "Ender" Wiggin lives with his kind but distant parents, his sadistic brother Peter, and the person he loves more than anyone else, his sister Valentine. Peter and Valentine were candidates for the soldier-training program but didn't make the cut—young Ender is the Wiggin draft……more

  • Details about Brave new world

    Brave new world

    Aldous Huxley.

    Huxley's story shows a futuristic World State where all emotion, love, art, and human individuality have been replaced by social stability. An ominous warning to the world's population, this literary classic is a must-read.…more

  • Details about Dune


    Frank Herbert.

    Frank Herbert's Hugo and Nebula Award winner celebrates 40 years with this new anniversary edition. The sweeping tale of a desert planet called Arrakis, "Dune" has been a favorite among sci-fi fans for decades.…more

  • Details about Stranger in a strange land

    Stranger in a strange land

    Robert A. Heinlein.

    For use in schools and libraries only. Valentine Michael Smith, born and raised on Mars, arrives on Earth's stunning Western culture with his superhuman abilities.…more

  • Details about Fahrenheit 451

    Fahrenheit 451

    Ray Bradbury.

    Internationally acclaimed with more than 5 million copies in print, Fahrenheit 451 is Ray Bradbury's classic novel of censorship and defiance, as resonant today as it was when it was first published nearly 50 years ago. Guy Montag was a fireman whose job it was to start fires... The system was simple. Everyone understood it. Books were for burning ... along with the houses in which they were hidden. Guy Montag enjoyed his job. He had been a fireman for ten years, and he had never questioned the ……more

  • Details about Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    Susanna Clarke ; illustrations by Portia Rosenberg.

    English magicians were once the wonder of the known world, with fairy servants at their beck and call; they could command winds, mountains, and woods. But by the early 1800s they have long since lost the ability to perform magic. They can only write long, dull papers about it, while fairy servants are nothing but a fading memory. But at Hurtfew Abbey in Yorkshire, the rich, reclusive Mr Norrell has assembled a wonderful library of lost and forgotten books from England's magical past and regaine……more

  • Details about Red Mars

    Red Mars

    Kim Stanley Robinson.

    Chronicles the colonization of Mars in the year 2026. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.…more

  • Details about The mists of Avalon

    The mists of Avalon

    Marion Zimmer Bradley.

    A Literary Guild Featured Alternate Here is the magical legend of King Arthur, vividly retold through the eyes and lives of the women who wielded power from behind the throne. A spellbinding novel, an extraordinary literary achievement, THE MISTS OF AVALON will stay with you for a long time to come....…more

  • Details about The lord of the rings

    The lord of the rings

    by J.R.R. Tolkien.

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In ancient times the Rings of Power were crafted by the Elven-smiths, and Sauron, The Dark Lord, forged the One Ring, filling it with his own power so that he could rule all others. But the One Ring was taken from him, and though he sought it throughout Middle-earth, it remained lost to him. After many ages it fell, by chance, into the hands of the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. From his fastness ……more

  • Details about Cat's cradle

    Cat's cradle

    Kurt Vonnegut.

    Cat's Cradle is Kurt Vonnegut's satirical commentary on modern man and his madness. An apocalyptic tale of this planet's ultimate fate, it features a midget as the protagonist, a complete, original theology created by a calypso singer, and a vision of the future that is at once blackly fatalistic and hilariously funny. A book that left an indelible mark on an entire generation of readers, Cat's Cradle is one of the twentieth century's most important works--and Vonnegut at his very best.…more

  • Details about The once and future king

    The once and future king

    T.H. White.

    T.H. White, whose The Sword in the Stone has been read by hundreds of thousands, now at last has turned his hand to retelling the entire Arthurian Epic. The Once and Future King takes Arthur from the glorious lyrical phase of his youth through the disillusioning early years of his reign to the mature years in which his vision of the Round Table develops into the search for the Holy Grail and finally to his weary old age. In part, T.H. White has drawn on published material which he has revised an……more

  • Details about Do androids dream of electric sheep?

    Do androids dream of electric sheep?

    Philip K. Dick.

    By 2021, the World War has killed millions, driving entire species into extinction and sending mankind off-planet. Those who remain covet any living creature, and for people who can’t afford one, companies built incredibly realistic simulacra: horses, birds, cats, sheep. They’ve even built humans. Immigrants to Mars receive androids so sophisticated they are indistinguishable from true men or women. Fearful of the havoc these artificial humans can wreak, the government bans them from……more