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  • Details about The Busy Little Squirrel

    The Busy Little Squirrel

    Nancy Tafuri

    The leaves have started to fall. The air is cold. Squirrel needs to get ready for winter. He cannot nibble with the mice. He does not have time to hop with the frogs or run with the dogs. But there is one thing he can do!…more

  • Details about When Autumn Falls

    When Autumn Falls

    by Kelli Nidey; illustrations by Susan Swan.

    Observes the aptly named fall season, characterized by falling leaves, falling apples, falling players on the football field, and falling temperatures.…more

  • Details about Who Loves the Fall?

    Who Loves the Fall?

    by Bob Raczka; illustrated by Judy Stead

    Who loves the fall?Passers, Punters, Pumpkin huntersTrickers, Treaters, Turkey eaters.It's hard when summer ends, but the hearty season that follows overflows with holidays, sports, and fun. In this companion to Spring Things, the author and illustrator pay tribute to fall.Judy Stead's vibrant paintings help bring to mind the tastes, sounds, and colors that are autumn. Bob Raczka's rhyming verse is an invigorating celebration of fall.…more

  • Details about Awesome Autumn

    Awesome Autumn

    by Bruce Goldstone

    A celebration of fall facts and fun Autumn is awesome! Leaves change color. Animals fly south or get ready to hibernate. People harvest crops and dress up as scary creatures for Halloween. And then there are pickup football games to play, Thanksgiving foods to eat, leaf piles to jump in-all the amazing things that happen as the air turns crisp and cool. With colorful photographs, lively explanations, and classic craft ideas, Bruce Goldstone has created a festive and fascinating exploration of au……more

  • Details about Counting on Fall

    Counting on Fall

    written by Lizann Flatt; illustrated by Ashley Barron

    As young readers journey into the natural world, they will discover that numbers, patterns, shapes -- and much more! -- can be found by observing everyday plants and animals. What if animals and plants knew math, just like you? Would leaves fall in patterns? Would whales enter a race? In Counting on Fall, the first title in the Math in Nature series by award-winning author Lizann Flatt, nature comes to life to help children grasp concepts of number sense and numeration. The engaging "What if?" f……more

  • Details about A Friend For All Seasons

    A Friend For All Seasons

    by Julia Hubery; illustrated by Mei Matsuoka

    Robbie Raccoon's favorite friend is Old Father Oak. Robbie was born in Father Oak's trunk; he spent the spring swinging from Father Oak's branches; he spent the summer relaxing in the shade of Father Oak's limbs. But one day Robbie wakes up and notices that Father Oak is losing his leaves. Maybe he is cold. Maybe he is tired. Maybe he is sad. What can Robbie do to help?Readers will delight in following Robbie and his friends as they are introduced to the magic of the changing seasons.…more

  • Details about Look What I Did With a Leaf!

    Look What I Did With a Leaf!

    Morteza E. Sohi

    Provides examples of different kinds of animals that can be made out of leaves and suggests various uses for the finished product.…more

  • Details about Fall Leaves Fall!

    Fall Leaves Fall!

    by Zoe Hall; illustrated by Shari Halpern

    When fall comes, two brothers enjoy catching the falling leaves, stomping on them, kicking them, jumping in piles of them, and using them to make pictures. Includes a description of how leaves change through the year.…more

  • Details about Why Do Leaves Change Color?

    Why Do Leaves Change Color?

    by Betsy Maestro ; illustrated by Loretta Krupinski

    Why do leaves turn from green to gold?It's fall! The leaves are changing color. This book explains the magical process of how leaves change their color in autumn. Also included are simple activities and places to visit so that you can enjoy the fall foliage with your family.…more

  • Details about I Love Fall!

    I Love Fall!

    by Alison Inches; illustrated by Hiroe Nakata

    From woolly scarves and plump orange pumpkins to crunchy leaves and smooth wicker baskets, readers will delight in all the different textures fall has to offer. With simple, rhyming verses and sweet, vibrant illustrations, youngsters can celebrate the season with this touch-and-feel board book that's perfect for small hands.…more

  • Details about The Fall Festival

    The Fall Festival

    by Mercer Mayer

    Join Little Critter and his family on their exciting road trip to the Fall Festival! From apple picking to hayrides, discover how fun the harvest season can be.…more

  • Details about Fall Mixed Up

    Fall Mixed Up

    by Bob Raczka; illustrations by Chad Cameron

    Fall Mixed Up is a collection of mixed-up fall images from the imagination of Bob Raczka taken to their visual extremes in the intricate mixed-media illustrations of Chad Cameron.…more

  • Details about Leaf Jumpers

    Leaf Jumpers

    by Carole Gerber; illustrated by Leslie Evans

    Graceful, poetic text celebrates the beauty of autumn leaves, while the simple text at the end explains why leaves change color. Readers learn how to identify all sorts of leaves from red maple to sycamore by their color, shape, and other characteristics. A great choice for science units and autumn displays.…more