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First Autumn

Branch Chesapeake City Branch

Created by Amy Lewis
  • Details about What Happens in Fall?

    What Happens in Fall?

    by Sara L. Latta

    The leaves are changing color?fall is here! Why do we have fall? How does cool fall weather affect plants and animals? What do people do during the fall? New readers will delight in learning the answers to these questions. There is even an experiment at the end of the book so readers can be a scientist!…more

  • Details about South


    by Patrick McDonnell

    When a little bird awakens to find that all of his friends and family have gone south for the winter, it takes a surprising friendship with Mooch the cat to help him find his way. This is a wordless and profoundly moving story--by the creator of the beloved comic strip Mutts --that explores being lost and found, crossing boundaries, saying goodbye, and broadening horizons.…more

  • Details about Mouse's First Fall

    Mouse's First Fall

    Lauren Thompson; illustrated by Buket Erdogan

    One cool day Mouse and Minka venture out to play. From leaves of all colors -- "red, yellow, orange, " and "brown" -- to leaves of all shapes and sizes -- from pointy to round -- Mouse learns that fall is a season full of fun! And before the day is done he just might take the biggest "leap" of all. "Hooray for fall!"…more

  • Details about Clifford's first autumn

    Clifford's first autumn

    Norman Bridwell .

    Clifford discovers the joys of falling autumn leaves. The frisky red puppy knocks over pumpkins, jumps in the leaves, and scores a touchdown! Text copyright 2004 Lectorum Publications, Inc.…more

  • Details about Autumn : an alphabet acrostic

    Autumn : an alphabet acrostic

    by Steven Schnur ; illustrated by Leslie Evans.

    Describes the autumn season, with its animals, rain, cold winds, and harvested food. When read vertically, the first letters of the lines of text spell related words arranged alphabetically, from "acorn" to "zero."…more

  • Details about Ticket Trouble

    Ticket Trouble

    For use in schools and libraries only. River Heights Elementary is throwing a fall festival and when Nancy's friend Ned claims that someone stole his festival tickets, Nancy and the Clue Crew begin investigating.…more

  • Details about Red Sings from Treetops: a year in colors

    Red Sings from Treetops: a year in colors

    by Joyce Sidman; illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski

    Winner of a 2010 Caldecott Honor! With original and spot-on perceptions, Joyce Sidman brings the colors of the seasons to life in a fresh light, combining the senses of sight, sound, smell and taste. Illustrator Pam Zagarenski's interpretations go byeond the concrete, allowing us to not just see color, but feel it. "It's wonderfully strange to read of colors with sounds, smells and tastes." --New York Times Book Review "A charming inspiration to notice colors and correlate emotions." --Kirkus Re……more

  • Details about The Tiny Seed

    The Tiny Seed

    by Eric Carle

    Dazzlingly colorful collage illustrations and a simple but dramatic text tell the fascinating story of the life cycle of a flower in terms of the adventures of a tiny seed. Carried aloft by the autumn wind, the tiny seed, along with other bigger seeds, travels far over the world. the journey is perilous: one of the bigger seeds is burned by the sun; another falls into the ocean; still another is eaten by a bird. Even after those that are left have landed on fertile ground and begun to grow, dang……more

  • Details about The Seasons: a book of poems

    The Seasons: a book of poems

    by Charlotte Zolotow; pictures by Erik Blegvad

    There is a special kind of quiet every household knows we hear it in our sleep the first night it snows In her first book written for beginning readers, Charlotte Zolotow's poetry evokes -- with her signature warmth and insight -- the highlights and emotions of a child's year. Erik Blegvad's drawings masterfully portray the scenes of nature, family, friendship, and solitude.…more

  • Details about I Know It's Autumn

    I Know It's Autumn

    by Eileen Spinelli; illustrated by Nancy Hayashi.

    I know it's autumn when we rake the leaves in piles, when doorstep jack-o'-lanterns wear their crooked smiles ... Leaves are falling, geese are flying, and warm coats are -- reluctantly -- being worn to school. That can mean only one thing: It's autumn! Eileen Spinelli and Nancy Hayashi invite you to enjoy autumn's many delights -- from warm socks worn on chilly mornings to tempting piles of crackly leaves on the lawn -- in this sweet, funny look at fall.…more

  • Details about When Autumn Falls

    When Autumn Falls

    by Kelli Nidey; illustrations by Susan Swan.

    Observes the aptly named fall season, characterized by falling leaves, falling apples, falling players on the football field, and falling temperatures.…more