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Nancy Tafuri

Created by Susan Newstead
  • Details about The Busy Little Squirrel

    The Busy Little Squirrel

    Nancy Tafuri

    The leaves have started to fall. The air is cold. Squirrel needs to get ready for winter. He cannot nibble with the mice. He does not have time to hop with the frogs or run with the dogs. But there is one thing he can do!…more

  • Details about Blue Goose

    Blue Goose

    by Nancy Tafuri

    When Farmer Gray takes a trip, Blue Goose, Red Hen, Yellow Chick and White Duck decide to paint their black-and-white farm. Red Hen paints the barn red and White Duck paints the fence white. Then Blue Goose and Yellow Chick pour their paint together to make green for the grass and trees. By the time Farmer Gray comes back, the whole farm is full of color--what a wonderful surprise! Incorporating primary and secondary colors, as well as animals, this is a simple and engaging way for young childre……more

  • Details about This is the Farmer

    This is the Farmer

    by Nancy Tafuri

    Using the rhythm of a famous nursery rhyme, the author relates the happenings along the farmer's route as he walks from house to barn to milk his cow. The youngest listener can "read" along simply by looking at the colorful pictures. Another gem from the author/artist of the Caldecott Honor Book Have You Seen My Duckling'. Full color.…more

  • Details about Who's Counting?

    Who's Counting?

    by Nancy Tafuri

    Who's counting? Every young counter in the house, that's who! As a curious puppy pads across the fields and through the barnyard, young children can use all their fingers to count the geese, moles, birds, tadpoles, and other living things that the puppy encounters.His final destination will surprise and delight the youngest and oldest fans of this Caldecott Honor Medalist.…more

  • Details about Mama's Little Bears

    Mama's Little Bears

    by Nancy Tafuri

    A story of independence and reassurance from top-selling author-illustrator Nancy Tafuri, three Little Bears explore their forest home, yet never wander too far from the security of their Mama. One afternoon, Mama is teaching her three Little Bears how to fish. But in a forest full of surprises, the cubs are too curious to stay in one place for very long! Every rock and tree offers a new, exciting discovery, drawing Little Bears further and further away from the river. Yet no matter where they w……more

  • Details about Whose Chick Are You?

    Whose Chick Are You?

    by Nancy Tafuri

    Tap! Peck! Crack! Pop! A chick hatches out of its egg, but who does it belong to? No one seems to know--not Goose (Honk!), not Duck (Quack!), not Hen (Cluck!), not Bird (Chirp!). Not even Little Chick (croo? croo?). But Little Chick's parents know, and--as sharp observers will delight in noting--they've been swimming nearby all along.…more

  • Details about Five Little Chicks

    Five Little Chicks

    by Nancy Tafuri

    This little chick went to the garden. This little chick found a worm. This little chick eyed a berry. And this little chick gave a squirm! With counting, fun, and vibrant illustrations, acclaimed storyteller Nancy Tafuri brings the farmyard to life. Mamas and little ones everywhere will cherish all the special moments of these little chicks for years to come.…more

  • Details about Silly Little Goose!

    Silly Little Goose!

    by Nancy Tafuri

    Goose picks the silliest places to make her nest! Clever chant-along text, animated illustrations, and an endearingly bewildered heroine.…more

  • Details about All Kinds of Kisses

    All Kinds of Kisses

    by Nancy Tafuri

    There are all kinds of kisses... Cheep kisses. Moo kisses. Maaa kisses. Coo kisses... But the best kiss of all... Is Mommy's kiss goodnight. Sweet dreams, little one! Mommies and babies aren't the only ones who enjoy sharing kisses. All throughout the farm, animal families snuggle up with their little ones, offering them warmth and love. Following a mama bird on her journey back to the nest to give her own baby some special cuddles, Nancy Tafuri uses beautiful, inviting illustration to share how……more

  • Details about You Are Special, Little One

    You Are Special, Little One

    by Nancy Tafuri

    Now in board! This cozy companion to I LOVE YOU, LITTLE ONE celebrates all the ways children are special. "Deep in a tree trunk by a woodland grove, a fox kit asks, 'How am I special?' And her Mama and Papa reply, 'Dear little one, with your glossy red coat and swift running body, you are so special - and we will love you forever and ever and ever.' With lyrical text and lush watercolors, Nancy Tafuri follows I LOVE YOU, LITTLE ONE with a celebration of the ways all creatures are special. Rangin……more

  • Details about What the Sun Sees ; What the Moon Sees

    What the Sun Sees ; What the Moon Sees

    by Nancy Tafuri

    Open the book, and the sun rises to reveal blue skies, crowded barnyards, and bustling streets. Turn the book over, and the moon comes up to the hush of night. Young audiences will delight in the experience of going from morning to night and back again in this stunning creation from the Caldecott Honor-winning author/artist of Have You Seen My Duckling? Full color.…more

  • Details about The Big Storm : A Very Soggy Counting Book

    The Big Storm : A Very Soggy Counting Book

    by Nancy Tafuri

    As clouds amass overhead and rain starts to pour, ten little woodland animals hurry to find shelter. The text counts up as Bird, Mouse, Squirrel, Rabbit, Chipmunk, Woodchuck, Raccoon, Possum, and Red Fox all run for cover--then Skunk squeezes in and makes it 10! All night, they huddle together in the safety and warmth of the hollow, as the thunder claps and lightning flashes outside. In the morning, the storm has calmed, but the animals still hear the grumble of thunder in the distance. Imagine ……more